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King's X - Come Home...Mr.Bulbous (7,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 44:55
Band homepage: King's X


  1. Fish Bowl Man
  2. Julia
  3. She's Gone Away
  4. Marsh Mellow Field
  5. When You're Scared
  6. Charlie Sheen
  7. Smudge
  8. Bitter Sweet
  9. Move Me
  10. Move Me (Part 2)
King's X - Come Home...Mr.Bulbous
I admit it, I'm a complete novice to KING'S X, so let's put it into the player without any prejudice... And there it was: prejudice.

Bah, a Free Jazz/Metal-intro. I've heard that there are people, who like something like this. But then again, there are rumours about people, who think that the Teletubbies are paedagocially suited...

OK, so absolutely objectively, everything you might have read in other publications is true, they all are great musicians and vocalists and (even for an Oldie-low-brow like myself) heavily influenced by the BEATLES. Not a bad start, but all those Funk-breaks? Very hard to digest and hard to find your way into the whole songs, but after the tenth or eleventh try suddenly the songs start to work out. If you ignore the Funk-stuff (that I cannot say anything about anyway), you have excellent catchy riffs, great vocal-lines and, not to be overheard, the BEATLES. For the average Metalian not the most easily digestible sound, when listened to for the first time, but once you are into it...

Oh yes, one more tip: Ignore all those Spoken Word-parts (you'll know what I mean once you've listened to it)! So, for KING'S X-fans this album most probably is an orgiastic experience, all others first have to get accustomed to it, but really not bad.

Manuel Inhester

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