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Country of origin: Finland
Founded: 1999
Status: Active
Official homepage: Nest

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Band History - Nest (Online Sep. 2003)


NEST was formed in summer '99 with the idea of making acoustic and ambient music to reflect the world of old fables and folk tales. The idea of doing this had already been cooking in A.T.'s head for a couple of years, but it hadn't been realized until this point.

Between summer '99 and spring 2000, four of the most worthwhile songs that had been done were released as NEST's first demo "Fabled Lore". This led to NEST gaining interest from a Polish label, Thundra Records - a subsidiary of Fluttering Dragon, who offered to release a Split CD with ISAFJORD, a Norwegian Melodic Black Metal band. The Split CD was released in autumn 2001.

During the next couple of years new songs were constantly being composed and new ideas thrown around. NEST also singed a deal with a Bulgarian label, Corvus records, who released NEST's first full-length CD in the beginning of 2003. After the release NEST has also begun performing live, where T.S. has played the bass and T.S. joined NEST as a full member and will be playing bass on the forthcoming material too.

The future sees NEST incorporating more natural instruments like a traditional Lapland drum, but also sound crafting in the form of self-programmed synthetic sounds, and effects. We will also strive to better the quality of sounds, mixing and production, but the intention is to keep everything quite raw, and definitely not over-produced.

Current Line-Up:
A. Tolonen - Kantel,. Soundcrafting, Lapland Drum, Voices, Visual Artwork, Etc.
T. Saxell - Bass, Voices, Etc.

Previous members:



A. Tolonen - Kantele. Sound Crafting, Voices, Visual Artwork, Etc.
T. Saxell - Voices, Etc.

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Woodsmoke" - Corvus Records

Total playing time: 44:32
  1. The Silvershade Lynx
  2. Call Of The Wild
  3. By The Healing Waters
  4. Otterheart
  5. Summer Storm
  6. Calmly Passing Monument
  7. Renewal
  8. Courting
  9. A Winternight Visage

Hidden Stream (Split CD w/ISAFJORD)

A. Tolonen - Kantele. Sound Crafting, Voices, Visual Artwork, Etc.
T. Saxell - Voices, Etc.

2001 "Hidden Stream (Split CD w/ISAFJORD)" - Thundra

Total playing time: 25:00 (NEST part)
  1. Enchantment For Few
  2. Hideout
  3. Harbinger Of A Greater Winter
  4. Land Behind The Mist
  5. An Oaken Citadel

Fabled Lore (Demo CD-R)

A. Tolonen - Kantele, Sound Crafting, Voices, Visual Artwork, Etc.

2000 "Fabled Lore (Demo CD-R)" - Independent

Total playing time: 20:00
  1. Land Behind The Mist
  2. Mink Twins
  3. The Elk King's Daughter
  4. An Oaken Citadel

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