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More about Nicta

Country of origin: Rovigo, Italy
Founded: Dec. 2001
Status: Active
Official homepage: Nicta

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Band History - Nicta (Online Dec. 2003)


The band was born December 2001 from the ashes of MOKSA with some variations in the formation: (Fabio Valentini - voice, Graziano Ferracioli - keyboards, Maikel Bononi - guitars, Stefano Marchetto - bass, Andrea Bertassello - drums). Its members' purpose is to change some stylistic aspects to a much more melodic sound, focused on a strong use of keyboards without giving up the aggressive part that is typical of Epic Metal. All the components of NICTA come from different music experiences: from Pop to Power Thrash, to a sort of music, like this one, that is very difficult to define.

May 2002, the group decided to record its debut-promo with the first three songs, developed between January and April 2002. The first live performance of the band go back to the 24th of May 2002 for the musical contest "B…ella Musica" in Giacciano con Baruchella (RO), Italy. With this event the band got the third prize, worthy of all respect.

August 2002, in consequence of incomprehension and misunderstandings, the group welcomed Nuccio Cafŕ as guitar player in the place of Maikel Bononi. With this changing the songs become more complex and are focused on a strong use of guitars with rapid and scratching rhythmic. The songs gain the dynamism, which was absent before. Typical Power/Epic atmosphere and vents at the border of Thrash/Black characterize new NICTA song.

Between April and June 2003, the band had recorded new promo "Dark Rays Rip The Light" which includes songs written by the new line-up and shows the complete estrangement from "old style" and the approach to darkest dens where shades are lengthening…

After the recording session the band begins to promote "Dark Rays..." and it obtains wide favors of audience during four summery live shows. Also between the reviewers of the webzines, the promo does not stop to attract attentions and in this way, therefore it is draw a lot of flattering musical reviews from the main Italian and foreign Metal portals. In the meantime the band kept on composing new songs, following the "Dark Rays.." style of, and it is about to organize springlike and winter live shows.

In this moment the band is on the lookout for a record company that could offer it a deal for the first full-length (possibly a production and distribution deal, but the band, however, is opened to every kind of collaboration).

Current Line-Up:
Fabio Valentini - Vocals
Nuccio Cafŕ - Guitars
Graziano Ferracioli - Keyboards
Stefano Marchetto - Bass
Andrea Bertassello - Drums

Previous members:
Maikel Bononi - Guitars (on "Promo 2002")


Dark Rays Rip The Light (MCD)

Fabio Valentini - Vocals
Nuccio Cafŕ - Guitars
Graziano Ferracioli - Keyboards
Stefano Marchetto - Bass
Andrea Bertassello - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Dark Rays Rip The Light (Demo-MCD)" - Independent

Total playing time: 22:52
  1. Enuma Elish
  2. Wrathful
  3. Divine Deception
  4. The Darkest Inner Shadow

Promo 2002 (MCD)

Fabio Valentini - Vocals
Maikel Bononi - Guitars
Graziano Ferracioli - Keyboards
Stefano Marchetto - Bass
Andrea Bertassello - Drums

2002 "Promo 2002 (MCD)" - Independent

Total playing time: 12:18
  1. Illusions
  2. Becomin' God
  3. Today Is A Good Day To Die

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