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More about Pagan War Machine

Country of origin: Los Angeles, USA
Founded: 2002
Status: Active

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Band History - Pagan War Machine (Online Oct. 2003)

Pagan War Machine

PAGAN WAR MACHINE was born in the minds of two Los Angeles based Thrash Metal masters, guitarist Jim Durkin and vocalist/bassist Steve Gaines.

Well known by his contribution to Metal history with his seminal band DARK ANGEL, riff master Durkin found in legendary ABATTOIR'S GAINES the ideal voice for his new compositions. In September of 2002, they quietly started recording music together as a side project and, just a few weeks later, four tracks were completed and distributed in the underground circles as their first demo (self-titled, later renamed "Bayonets And Battle Scars"). The songs were simple, fast and uncompromised, but brought back an old school feeling that only those who helped shape the scene in the early 80's could ever recreate.

The response was so overwhelmingly positive that surprised both musicians. It appeared that legions of old school thrashers have been waiting endlessly for the MACHINE's arrival. For Durkin and Gaines there was just no other alternative but accept their duties and convert PWM into a full band, in order to deliver their songs live. They found their counterparts in Brazilian guitarist Marcelo Lima (from the 80's band MASTABA) and drummer Al "Mayhem" Mendez (DREAMS OF DAMNATION).

Regarded as a very special project, PAGAN WAR MACHINE made a few live appearances along with very strong acts like DEICIDE, ASESINO and SEVEN WITCHES and even co-headlined the Classic Metal Fest III in Chicago with NASTY SAVAGE and MELIAH RAGE. The band quickly developed a cult status among Thrash Metal enthusiasts, thanks to the reputation of their unrelenting and punishing stage presence. Although their performances are fairly rare, video footage and audio recordings from some gigs are widely available in the underground.

In 2004, PAGAN WAR MACHINE plans to move forward with some more special appearances and work on a full length album, that some even believe it might spearhead the long awaited Thrash movement comeback.

Current Line-Up:
Steve Gaines - Bass & Vocals (also in ABATTOIR, DOD, BLOODLUST, TACTICS)
Jim Durkin - Guitar (also in DARK ANGEL, DOD)
Marcelo Lima - Guitar (also in MASTABA)
Al "Mayhem" Mendez - Drums (also in DOD)

Previous members:


Bayonets And Battle Scars (Demo)

Steve Gaines - Bass & Vocals
Jim Durkin - Guitar
Marcelo Lima - Guitar
Al "Mayhem" Mendez - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2002 "Bayonets And Battle Scars (Demo)" - Independent

Total playing time: 32:16
  1. Bulletproof
  2. March Of The Pissed
  3. Eyes That Burn The Soul
  4. Swarm
  5. Bulletproof (Live)
  6. Rage And Retribution (Live)
  7. Swarm (Live)

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