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Country of origin: USA
Founded: 1994
Status: Active
Official homepage: Power Of Omens

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Band History - Power Of Omens (Online Aug. 2003)

Power Of Omens

Founded in 1994, POWER OF OMENS have gone through quite a few changes as well as having to overcome several obstacles throughout the years. Founding members David Gallegos, Alex Arellano, and Chris Salinas aggressively pursued the dream to create a musical force that would allow them to explore the most artistic musical ventures their imaginations could ever achieve.

With a desire to succeed, the first demo was created in early 1996 in hopes of finding interested band members, as well as a record label deal. Soon after this led to the recruiting of their original bassist, Matt Williamson. The 4 soon began working on material for a full-length release. In 1997, with another demo completed, the band landed a deal with DCA Recordings and began to polish the demo material for their debut release. Unfortunately, after a year of waiting and no positive outlook from the label, the band was forced to part ways with DCA.

In the beginning of 1998 Elevate Records approached the band with a deal for worldwide backing and distribution. The band signed on, and began recording material for what would become their debut CD, "Eyes Of The Oracle". Released in June of that year, the band found itself in the midst of vast media attention, and soon began to draw a rather strong following from fans around the globe. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, Matt was forced to leave the band prior to the release of the CD and was replaced by Henry Sanchez. At this time, the band also recruited its first full-time keyboardist, Andrew Sanchez. With a CD on the market, the band began working to promote their release by lining up live shows. Unfortunately, after their first couple of performances in 1999, Andrew was also forced to leave the band due to personal reasons. This forced the cancellation of the scheduled performance at the Powermad festival in Baltimore, MD. Not long after, Henry Sanchez also departed from the band.

Determined to continue, the band agreed to record a track for an upcoming QUEENSRYCHE tribute, which was later released in 2000 on Seigen Records, entitled "Warning, Raging Minds Of Empires". The band contributed the track "Screaming In Digital" from the "Rage For Order" CD. It wouldn't be long before the band recruited bassist Chris Herring, who made his debut performance with the band at the ProgPower USA I Festival in Lansing, IL, in February 2001. This also marked the bands first live performance without a real keyboardist. All tracks were performed "live" with a sequencer. The band would soon experience yet another setback after Elevate Records closed down. Their sophomore release "Rooms Of Anguish" was completed and mastered yet it seemed that if fate had its way, it would never see the light of day.

MetalAges Records to the rescue. Through a mutual friend, Dave Gallegos and Deron Blevins, owner of MetalAges, spoke with each other in late 2002 and came to an agreement to release "Rooms Of Anguish". Not only was Deron a fan, but it seemed to be a perfect and mutually beneficial arrangement to make sure this superb album was made available to the masses. The album would finally be released in February 2003.

Despite the many changes the band has had to overcome, they have never stopped reaching for their goals and setting new sights for themselves. With a positive label situation, a seemingly concrete band line-up and opportunity ahead, it will be hard to stop this musically energized group of guys.

Current Line-Up:
Alex Arellano - Drums & Percussion
David Gallegos - Guitars & Keyboards
Chris Salinas - Vocals
Chris Herring - Bass & Vocals

Previous members:
Matt Williamson - Bass (on "Demo (CD)" & "Eyes Of The Oracle")
Andrew Sanchez - Keyboards
Henry Sanchez - Bass


Rooms Of Anguish

Alex Arellano - Drums
David Gallegos - Guitars & Keyboards
Chris Salinas - Vocals
Chris Herring - Bass

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Rooms Of Anguish" - MetalAges

Total playing time: 75:34
  1. Welcome To My World
  2. With These Words
  3. My Best To Be...
  4. A Toast To Mankind
  5. As Winter Falls
  6. The Calm Before The Storm
  7. In The End
  8. Only A Dream
  9. Rooms Of Anguish

Eyes Of The Oracle

Alex Arellano - Drums
David Gallegos - Guitars & Keyboards
Chris Salinas - Vocals
Matt Williamson - Bass

"The Metal Observer" Review

1998 "Eyes Of The Oracle" - Elevate Records

Total playing time: 72:26
  1. Inner Voices
  2. Alone I Stand
  3. Word On A Line
  4. The Fall
  5. The Quest
  6. Naked Mind
  7. Time
  8. Test Of Wills
  9. Tears Of The Wind

Demo (CD)

Alex Arellano - Drums
David Gallegos - Guitars & keyboards
Chris Salinas - Vocals
Matt Williamson - Bass

1997 (Unreleased) "Demo (CD)" - Independent

Total playing time: 30:00
  1. Alone I Stand
  2. The Naked Mind
  3. Word On A Line
  4. The Quest
  5. Only A Dream

Demo (Tape)

Alex Arellano - Drums
David Gallegos - Guitars, Bass, & keyboards
Chris Salinas - Vocals

1996 (Unreleased) "Demo (Tape)" - Independent

Total playing time: 30:00
  1. Time
  2. The Fall
  3. Rooms Of Anguish
  4. Eyes Of The Oracle
  5. The Unanswered Question

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