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More about Power Symphony

Country of origin: Italy
Founded: Sept 1994
Status: Inactive
Official homepage: Power Symphony

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Band History - Power Symphony (Online May 2003)

Power Symphony

POWER SYMPHONY began its activity in September of 1994 and was founded by Singer Michela D'Orlando and Guitarist Marco Cecconi. After some live shows and a lot of rehearsing, the band decided the time was ripe for releasing a demo tape. In June of 1995 the band recorded their first, self titled five-track demo tape which was an instant success! The largest-selling Italian Metal magazines (Flash, Metal Shock, Metal Hammer) reviewed very positively and the 500 copies printed went sold out in a very short time period.

From 1996 to 1997 the band composed new tracks and changed its style by adding Doom and Celtic/Folk parts to make a unique band sound even more unique. In 1997 the band went to the studio again and recorded a 5 tracks promo. In November '98 they signed with Northwind Records and released their first CD titled "Evillot" which was in stores in April of 1999 and distributed by Radiation/Nuclear Blast. The album was characterized by the excellent vocal performance of Michela D'Orlando, real Heavy Metal singer, and by epic, powerful and Rock-Hard melodies who she herself composed. The band goal with their debut CD was to cross the Italian borders and start making themselves known in the rest of the world, a goal which has been fully achieved!

In fact, in September of 1999 Power Symphony signed a world wide record deal with Pavement Music which lead to the recording of the follow up to "Evillot", entitled "Lightbringer". In November 1999 the band recorded the album assisted by the production of Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT, FATES WARNING, ENGINE). Again, Michela provided her best vocal performance ever! She has given the world her incredible, powerful and melodic vocals once more. The music on the CD shows a definite evolution of Power Symphony's unique mix of Power/Epic Metal, Doom, Celtic and Classical influences. Songs space from the pure Symphonic Metal of "The Way Of The Sword" to the Celtic melodies of "Song Of Men", to the Dark Power Metal heaviness of "Never Dream Of Goodness".

The CD is available in stores since April 2000. "Lightbringer" had astonishing reviews (Album of the month in Metal Hammer Israel and Metal Shock Italy, cover on Flash Italy). In 2001 Power Symphony parted ways with Pavement Music and opened their own production label, Evillot Records. The first production was the EP "Futurepast" which was in the stores in fall 2002. In October/November 2002 the band was be in studio with producer Brian Griffin (MALEVOLENT CREATION, SOIL...) to record their third full-length, tentatively titled "Mother Darkess".

Current Line-Up:
Michela D'Orlando - Vocals
Marco Cecconi - Guitars
Daniele Viola - Bass (also in VIDI AQUAM)
Mauro De Brasi - - Drums (also in SOUL TAKERS)

Previous members:
Heavy - Drums (on "Lightbringer")
Fabio Iannone - Bass (on "Lightbringer")
Marco Volpe - Keyboardsoards (on "Lightbringer")
Mauro Cantarella - Guitar (on "Evillot")
Roberto Dussi - Drums (on "Evillot")
Claudio Berra - Keyboardsoards (on "Evillot")



Michela D'Orlando - Vocals
Marco Cecconi - Guitar

"The Metal Observer"-Review

2002 "Futurepast" - Evillot Records

Total playing time: 26:43
  1. Nine Moons
  2. Infinite Machine
  3. Blood Of My Enemies (Manowar Cover)
  4. Army Of Saints
  5. Mother Moon
CD-Rom track with video and more!


Michela D'Orlando - Vocals
Marco Cecconi - Guitar
Marco Volpe - Keyboards
Fabio Iannone - Bass
Heavy - Drums

2000 "Lightbringer" - Pavement Music

Total playing time: 51:19
  1. The Way Of The Sword
  2. Lucifer
  3. Gethsemane
  4. Never Dream Of Goodness (Evillot Part II)
  5. Song Of Men
  6. Quest For Knowledge
  7. The Necromancer


Michela D'Orlando - Vocals
Marco Cecconi - Guitar
Claudio Berra - Keyboards
Daniele Viola - Bass
Roberto Dussi - Drums

1999 "Evillot" - Northwind Records

Total playing time: 52:02
  1. Battles In The Twilight
  2. Shores Of My Land
  3. Evillot
  4. The Curse Of Every Man
  5. Inferno Suite
  6. I Am The Bard

Demo (Tape)

Michela D'Orlando - Vocals
Marco Cecconi - Guitars
Massimo Del Po - Bass
Salvatore Nicoloso - Drums

1995 "Demo (Tape)" - Independent

Total playing time: ??:??
  1. Welcome To Grief
  2. Mother Moon
  3. Shiver In The Dark
  4. Army Of Saints
  5. Inferno

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