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Heavenly - Coming From The Sky (7,5/10) - France - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: T&T
Playing time: 52:14
Band homepage: Heavenly


  1. Coming From The Sky
  2. Carry Your Heart
  3. Riding Through Hell
  4. Time Machine
  5. Number One
  6. Our Only Chance
  7. Fairy Tale
  8. My Turn Will Come
  9. Until I Die
  10. Million Ways
Heavenly - Coming From The Sky
Huh? Wrong CD, or what? Let's take a look at the cover again... No, it indeed says HEAVENLY... Hm, Has Michael Kiske changed his name to Benjamin Sotto?

What reads fairly absurd becomes evident when listening to the opener (after an intro) "Carry Your Heart": HELLOWEEN in their "Keeper..."-times clearly are not completely unknown to the French quartet, the vocal-line and the guitars are very, very near to "Dr.Stein", just the strong choir shows that we have a different band here.

In the course of the CD they also cite IRON SAVIOR ("Time Machine", but no wonder, given the fact that Piet Sielck sings here and Kai Hansen also does his part) and GAMMA RAY ("My Turn Will Come"), what is evidence for the good taste of the band, but not for originality, they stay just too close to the originals.

Please don't get me wrong! Songs like "Riding Through Hell", the already mentioned "Time Machine" and "My Turn Will Come" or the fast "Number One" are really good songs, but despite the potential the influences show through too clearly.

Alexander Melzer

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