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Siebenbürgen - Loreia (7,5/10) - Sweden - 1997

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 52:05
Band homepage: Siebenbürgen


  1. Vampyria
  2. Nattens Väv
  3. Mardröm
  4. Ungentum Pharelis
  5. ...Öm Hösten Död
  6. Loreia
  7. Att Dricka Någons Blod
  8. Vittring Av Liv
  9. Morgataria
  10. Dödens Sömn
Siebenbürgen - Loreia
We write the year 1997. A band from Sweden enters the stage, SIEBENBÜRGEN its name. Four sinister creatures, with chalk in their faces and a cover that looks, hm, trashy somehow.

What awaits us musically? Chalkfaces = Black Metal? Yes and no. Sure, Black Metal is one ingredient in the Swedes' sound, especially vocally, but it is more, far more, because the guitars have a good portion of traditional Metal in them and blastbeats are rare and far between (thank God!!), instead Mr Rosdahl lays a fat, driving foundation of double-bass that tears of joy come to your eyes.

Supportive measures are thrown in by Lovisa Hallstedt, whose very ethereal vocals are quite different from the usual sopranos, but almost brings an ethnic touch to the songs. That Ehlin is screaming and snarling is a good contrast and somehow his (intelligible, if you understand Swedish) vocals really fit the music.

It is mostly fast, very melodic Black Metal, which is devoid of any keyboards (for that we have a violin here and there), yet always contains the necessary heaviness. Some might (with some justification) say that this is nothing special, because many bands play the same style, but wait! SIEBENBÜRGEN manage to nicely differ from the rest by the clever implementation of traditional Metal-parts. Still not really super-original, but who is…

The opener "Vampyria" is a good example to advance towards the SIEBENBÜRGEN-sound, the violin-induced "Ungentum Pharelis", "Att Dricka Någons Blod" or the very good "Morgataria" are just as well.

A good start, even though they cannot yet keep up the same high level over the complete album. I still like it…

Alexander Melzer

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