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Chris Doran

Name: Chris Doran
Email address: chrisd (at) metal-observer (dot) com
Functions: Reviewer extraordinaire
Compatible styles: Trad Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Metal, Prog Metal, AOR
Incompatible styles: Most Nu-Metal
Thoughts on the main Metal genres:
Black Metal: Oh dear, VENOM have a lot to answer for... get a singer who can sing then I'll listen.
Death Metal: Oh dear, VENOM have a lot to answer for...
Thrash Metal: Good Thrash is good Metal powerful and energetic bad Thrash is Shitknot.
Power Metal: Death to the false ones! It's my fav genre and just sums up what Metal is all about.
Progressive Metal: I like a good bit of Prog. It's good to change down a gear and get all technical from time to time.
Doom Metal: Yeah SABBATH started it, GRAND MAGUS rule it, at the moment. Mind all Doom bands just sound like SABBATH after a couple of listens.
Gothic Metal: And folk laugh at Hair Metal bands! Goths are just the reverse but look that bit sicker!
Melodic/Heavy Metal: As with Power Metal it's what you start off with and to be honest I've never moved away from it. You just can't get better than MAIDEN. The PRIEST, etc, etc.
Time at TMO: August 2001
How came at TMO: Found the web site, emailed Alex, got the gig!
The best thing as a TMO writer: Getting promo CDs from bands you like and getting emails from all over the world from fans, bands and promoters
The worst thing as a TMO writer: If there was a bad thing then I wouldn't do it.
Reviews 532
Underground 95
Interviews 3
Live reviews 7
Articles 0
Specials 0
Reviewing methods: First off I listen to the CD then check out the promo stuff (if any) if the promo material isn't up to much I'll check the band's/record company's web site for more info. Mostly the bands are new to me so I will check some Metal mags and on line sites to see if anything has been written about the band in question. Then depending on how much I like the CD/DVD/Video depends on the amount of time I'll spend reviewing. To be honest you do get to hear a lot of rubbish which is easy to dismiss but I generally try to find something positive about EVERY release unless there isn't any good to be found! However from time to time you get the odd gem that makes reviewing a pleasure.

Birthday: September 3, 1972
Birth town: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Present location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Job: Stock Manager
Languages: Only English - typical Brit I am afraid!
Hobbies: (in order) women and my continual chase of them, Heavy Metal-music and drinking Pet peeves: Ignorance and stupidity
Pet peeves: Ignorance and stupidity
Phobia(s): None. I am a true Metal-disciple and have no fears
I, about myself: A colossus in the IRON MAIDEN-collecting field with the best MAIDEN-website ever! A Metal-devotee. A scuba diver, snowboarder, a quite awful guitar player and all round cool guy.
Describe yourself in 5 words : an alright sound guy!
Funny childhood story: Gotta think about that!

How I came into Heavy Metal: Saw IRON MAIDEN on Top of the Pops away back in 1982. Then got NOTB and POM on vinyl for Xmas 1983. Been hooked ever since.
First Metal CD ever bought: The first LP I bought was “Powerslave” by IRON MAIDEN (1984) and “The Works” by QUEEN (1984). The first vinyl single I bought was IRON MAIDEN's “The Trooper” (1983) and the first CD IRON MAIDEN's “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” (1988)
Most embarrassing CD in your collection: A True Metal-fan does not have any embarrassing albums in their collection.
First Metal concert: ANTHRAX Among The Living Tour 1987 Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh Scotland November 5, 1987
What did Metal teach me about life : Metal has taught me to laugh at all others who worship False Metal!

Favourite music listening place and why? My living room. It's where my stereo is.

Most prized Metal possession? As you all know my IRON MAIDEN collection is hard to beat. Amongst my many prized possessions must be the actual studio pressing plates used to press the UK vinyl for 1984's mighty “2 Minutes To Midnight” single. They are unique and worth an absolute bloody fortune!!

Band & previous band experiences:
Ha ha! My talents couldn't get me into N'SYNC!
Instrumental talents: A ludicrously bad guitarist.
Favourite bands: Maiden, Iced Earth, Manowar, Primal Fear, AC/DC, Sabbath, Dio, The Priest, Annihilator, Free, Bad Company, Purple, Zeppelin, old era Metallica, Megadeth, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, Savatage, WASP, Twisted Sister, Rush… you can guess the rest.
Least favourite bands: New era Metallica - why? Linkin Park, Green Day, Blink 182 etc etc…
Sound you'd like to have banned: Lars Ulrich not talking would suit me fine. How one man can talk shit constantly is beyond comprehension.
Most overrated bands: All the cheesy Pop Metal acts that Kerrang writes about
Most underrated bands: Savatage, Grave Digger

Most influential band: Surely this has got to be BLACK SABBATH. If you need a reason or reasons to understand this just pick up the bands first six albums. Everything about Heavy Metal music can be traced backed to Iommi and Co. But I guess SLAYER, MAIDEN, METALLICA, The PRIEST, RAINBOW, LED ZEPPELIN etc, etc could all qualify just as easily!!!

Favourite musician: Guitars - Dave Murray and Angus Young, Drums - Dave Lombardo, Bass - Steve Harris, Joey DeMaio, Geddy Lee, Vocals - Bruce Dickinson,Ronnie James Dio, Paul Rodgers, David Coverdale, Ronald "Bon" Scott (RIP), Khan
Favourite album cover: Iron Maiden's - Number Of The Beast, AC/DC - Flick Of The Switch, Kiss - Destroyer, plus many, many more
10 favourite albums:

1.Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

I don't need to give a reason surely!

2.AC/DC - Back In Black
Simply unbeatable.

3.Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Essential purchase. Every song is a master class in heavy metal

4.Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Power metal just doesn't get better than this.

5.Iced Earth - Horror Show
As above

6.Luca Turilli - King Of The Nordic Twilight
Blinding solo effort and way better than most Rhapsody offerings

7.Ten - Babylon
Superb hard-hitting melodic rock and from the UK!!!

8.AC/DC - Highway To Hell
If you don't have this one…

9.Iron Maiden - Brave New World
Back to being the best heavy fuckin metal band in the world. Ever.

10.Manowar - Sign Of The Hammer
Purely just because only real men play on 10.
Plus many more.

Favourite films: The Warriors, Withnail and I, This is Spinal Tap, Dumb and Dumber, The Exorcist, Life of Brian, Star Wars but no that awful Phantom Menace! Conan the Barbarian, Fletch, Blazing Saddles… I could go on and on
Favourite books: Salem's Lot by Stephen King, The Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
Favourite food: Beer
Favourite drink: Beer
Favourite smokes: A Camberwell Carrot
Which song should be played at your funeral: Hallowed Be Thy Name
Idol(s): All those who follow the path of True Metal. Hail!
Person you'd like to meet: Blackie Lawless of WASP
Catchphrase: None
Biggest thrill in life (so far): AC/DC at Milton Keynes 2001 - good company, good beer, good weather and a rockin good show
Goal in life: To be happy and not to lose my hearing
Secret: Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine
5 favourite links:

      Chris Doran

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