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More about Spawn Of Possession

Country of origin: Sweden
Founded: 1997
Status: Active
Official homepage: Spawn Of Possession

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Band History - Spawn Of Possession (Online Feb 2003)

Spawn Of Possession

SPAWN OF POSSESSION rose from the ashes of various constellations in Feb. ‚97, consisting of Jonas Bryssling (guitar), Jonas Karlsson (guitar) and Dennis Röndum (drums). The whole idea of the band was to create brutal and sick music that went beyond all that had been done before in Death Metal history!

After three years of dedicated song writing the band went to record their first demo, "The Forbidden", which got nothing but great responses and earned the band a respectful name in the Death Metal community world wide! Right after the release of "The Forbidden" the band found high-skilled bass player Nick Dewerud to fill the empty bass spot the band had suffered from since the start! A year after that the band once again laid siege to the studio to record their second demo, "Church Of Deviance", which nowadays is a true classic in the underground! "Church Of Deviance" got praised in every review it faced and in Dec.2001 SPAWN OF POSSESSION signed a deal with Unique Leader Records.

SPAWN OF POSSESSION worked extremely hard on new material for the next six months and in June 2002 the recording of the debut album "Cabinet", commenced! The recording, mixing and mastering of Cabinet went smooth and the final result followed up the band's expectations for a complete satisfaction! Since SPAWN OF POSSESSION didn't have a vocalist, Dennis had been doing all the growling on the recordings but now it was time to find a well experienced permanent vocalist for the band. The answer to this was Kelly Izquierdo, former vocalist of MORTAL DECAY who joined the camp right after "Cabinet" had been recorded.

Current Line-Up:
Kelly Izquierdo - Vocals (Former vocalist of MORTAL DECAY (U.S.))
Jonas Bryssling - Guitars (Former guitarist of HEDEON)
Jonas Karlsson - Guitars (Former guitarist of DESOLATION)
Niklas Dewerud - Bass (Former drummer of VISCERAL BLEEDING)
Dennis Röndum - Drums & Studio Vocals (Also vocalist of VISCERAL BLEEDING, former drummer of HEDEON)

Previous members:
David Lindström - Guitars
Jonas Hagström - Bass



Jonas Bryssling - Guitars
Jonas Karlsson - Guitars
Niklas Dewerud - Bass
Dennis Röndum - Drums & Vocals

"The Metal Observer" Review
"The Metal Observer" Review

2006 "Noctambulant" - Neurotic Records

Total playing time: 41:30
  1. Inception
  2. Lash By Lash
  3. Solemn They Wait
  4. Render My Prey
  5. Eve Of Contempt
  6. Sour Flow
  7. By A Thousand Deaths Fulfilled
  8. Dead & Grotesque
  9. In My Own Greed
  10. Scorched


Jonas Bryssling - Guitars
Jonas Karlsson - Guitars
Niklas Dewerud - Bass
Dennis Röndum - Drums & Vocals

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Cabinet" - Unique Leader Records

Total playing time: 38:14
  1. Lamashtu
  2. Swarm Of The Formless
  3. Hidden In Flesh
  4. A Presence Inexplicable
  5. Dirty Priest
  6. Spawn Of Possession
  7. Inner Conflict
  8. Cabinet
  9. The Forbidden
  10. Church Of Deviance
  11. Uncle Damfee

Church Of Deviance (Demo CD)

Jonas Bryssling - Guitars
Jonas Karlsson - Guitars
Niklas Dewerud - Bass
Dennis Röndum - Drums & Vocals

2001 "Church Of Deviance (Demo CD)" - Independent

Total playing time: 9:11
  1. Inner Conflict
  2. Spawn Of Possession (unfinished version)
  3. Church Of Deviance

The Forbidden (Demo CD)

Jonas Bryssling - Guitars & Bass
Jonas Karlsson - Guitars & Bass
Dennis Röndum - Drums & Vocals

2000 "The Forbidden (Demo CD)" - Pama Records

Total playing time: 13:12
  1. Intro
  2. Dead & Grotesque
  3. The Forbidden
  4. Dirty Priest

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