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Quireboys, The - 100% Live 2002 (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Rock
Label: Demolition Records
Playing time: 50:51
Band homepage: Quireboys, The


  1. Hey You
  2. Tramps & Thieves
  3. C’mon
  4. There She Goes Again
  5. This Rock’n’Roll
  6. Misled
  7. Whippin Boy
  8. Turn Away
  9. Sex Party
  10. Show Me What Ya’ Got
  11. I Don’t Love You Anymore
  12. 7 O’clock
Quireboys, The - 100% Live 2002

The UK’s THE QUIREBOYS found success at the start of the 90’s with the hit UK album “A Bit Of What You Fancy” and immediately the spirit of Rod Stewart and THE FACES was imprinted into the collective of those music fans that put a good time over the seriousness of the music. Then as quickly as they came THE QUIREBOYS splintered and throughout the 90’s formed various parts of other bands; none which captured the pure Rock’N’Roll essence of this enduring Newcastle outfit.


Of course it’s flavour of the month for famous names of yesteryear to get back in the saddle and perform again and THE QUIREBOYS are no different and the new century offers a live album recorded as part of the UK’s Monsters Of Rock tour in 2002. All the familiar songs are there: the classic Rock’n’Roll ‘’Hey You’’ "7 O'Clock," "I Don't Love You Anymore," and "There She Goes Again." All delivered with typical QUIREBOYS style and panache. Never attempting anything more than to bring back the swagger and attitude of 1970’s Rock’n’Roll Spike and company provide a solid fifty or so minute set of chant along Rock anthems that bump and grind along like a heavy loaded freight train.


Spike’s voice is an almost note perfect rasp of early Rod Stewart and whilst this album will appeal directly to QUIREBOYS hardcore fans those missing basic dirty old fashioned Rock’n’Roll by the numbers would do well to check this one out. (Online January 16, 2004)

Chris Doran

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