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Lunarsea - EvolutionPlan.txt (6/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 17:47
Band homepage: Lunarsea


  1. evolutionplan.txt
  2. The Smokers
  3. ...And The Garden Of Jades Remained Void...
  4. Space From Porthole
Lunarsea - EvolutionPlan.txt
One quarter of Italian LUNARSEA already gets its second review honours on the pages of "The Metal Observer". How I get to this admittedly a bit weird sounding assumption? Well, the solo CD "Filmelody" by guitarist Fabiano Romagnoli already can be found here and in Italian outfit LUNARSEA he also swings the axe. So good guitar work is a given with these guys already.

But "evolutionplan.txt" does not have much to do with his solo album, because the basis definitely is Death Metal and with all melody at times a pretty heavy version of it, as the beginning of the opening title track shows right away. It also shows that besides front bear Angelo Musmeci bassist Cristian Autolini also adds a clear voice.

The past of the four gentlemen was called HOLLOWHEART and played Power Metal and that comes through pretty strongly at times, the second track "The Smokers" even stands hip deep in it, of course minus Angelo's harsh voice. The third offering "...And The Garden Of Jades Remained Void..." brings us a more or less strong CHILDREN OF BODOM list, plus some clean vocals, while the closing "Space From Porthole" altogether pretty much sums the three previous tracks up.

With Laiorf LUNARSEA even have a pretty well known drummer, who already had been signed to RHAPSODY under the pseudonym of Thunderforce and RUNNING WILD as Angelo Sasso. That he is not that well programmed and drums along a bit too mechanically in the foreground is something that you have to hold against LUNARSEA, though... even though the production is not the yellow of the egg yet, it's not bad, just lacks a bit in punch, everything sounds a little malnourished.

So what is my verdict about LUNARSEA? Well played, trying for variety and ideas (partly also successfully), production lacks a bit of power, a drum machine that sounds too much like itself, song writing with potential, but not fully used yet. That, I think, is about it. (Online January 18, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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