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Deadly Tide - s/t (8/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 18:26
Band homepage: -


  1. Song For Nina
  2. Never Goodbye
  3. No More Lies
  4. The Drunk (Black Crow)
  5. Dandy Rhapsody
Deadly Tide - s/t
DEADLY TIDE hail from Italy and isn't it a nice change to hear an Italian band who don't sound like RHAPSODY? In fact DEADLY TIDE are more akin to WHITESNAKE, SKID ROW and MÖTLEY CRÜE than the Epic Metallers. Combining a hard edge melodic guitar attack with the impressive vocals of J.D. Nitro (think of a better Axl Rose crossed with Jon Bon Jovi and with the attitude of Vince Neil) the opening track "Song For Nina" is a classy Melodic Rocker that delivers a tight riff backed up by a great chorus. Even from the initial listen the delivery, musicianship and production is of a high standard.

If you like you're Melodic Rock in the same vein as the UK's TEN and CORNERSTONE you'd do well to get a hold of this demo CD. "Never Goodbye" only serves to increase the overall professionalism of this outfit and once again Nitro's vocals stand out as a major plus point. "The Drunk (Black Crow)" and "Dandy Rhapsody" are infectious slabs of hard edge Rock N Roll that will have you reaching for the CD repeat button.

Rarely does an underground band derive so much attention on the first spin but DEADLY TIDE shimmer and gleam over the five tracks and if justice prevails we will all be hearing a lot more from them. (Online January 18, 2004)

Chris Doran

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