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Revelation - Frozen Masque (8,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Miskatonic Foundation
Playing time: 56:36
Band homepage: Revelation


  1. Within The Answer Lies
  2. Frozen Masque
  3. Finished With You
  4. Last Impressions
  5. Mourning Sun
  6. Eternal Search
  7. Little Faith
  8. Natural Steps
  9. Images Of Darkness
Revelation - Frozen Masque
A new sign of life of cult Doomers REVELATION, who had released three albums. Those have been "Salvations Answer" (1991), "Never Comes Silence" (1992) and "Yet So Far" (1995), three great genre gemstones. Fans of traditional Doom of the SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM or also TROUBLE kind should already plan their celebrations, when they will make first contact with Steve Brangan and his slow troop. He also is the only original member. Better said, HE is REVELATION.

This is not really a brand new studio album, but the 1995 demo "Mourning Sun", the "Frozen Masque" demo plus two live songs. Who already sneers should know that sound wise there is nothing to be criticised. Just the sound quality of the live recordings is a bit weak, but that does not really take away much. The material is first class and titles such as "Last Impressions" or "Frozen Masque" are among the best songs that we know of REVELATION. (Online January 19, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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