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Darkane - Rusted Angel (10/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: War Music
Playing time: 40:32
Band homepage: Darkane


  1. Intro
  2. Convicted
  3. Bound
  4. Rape of Mankind
  5. Rusted Angel
  6. A Wisdom's Breed
  7. Chase for Existence
  8. The Arcane Darkness
  9. July 1999
  10. Frenetic Visions
Darkane - Rusted Angel
Before I start this review, let the truth be known: DARKANE shred like no other. Every track (other than "The Arcane Darkness", which is an interlude) totally rips. The riffs are blazing, the solos soaring. Not only that, but there are sections with a choir and a string section that add an aspect of intelligence and refinement to "Rusted Angel".

DARKANE play what I would call Melodic Death Thrash. Basically, they take the Thrash of say, SLAYER, and mix it with Death Metal and some melody. The end result is truly amazing. The guitarists assault the fret-board with insanely fast riffing and soloing, yet they always are in total control of the song. The vocalist is extremely talented, which is unfortunately not the case in many Death Metal-bands. He flawlessly integrates deep guttural growls, high pitched screaming, a sort of ghastly monotone clean vocal, and his own style, which I for one find excellent. The drumming is top notch; precise and fast as hell when the need arises. In fact, DARKANE are so good, I can't think of a single problem with "Rusted Angel".

If you haven't heard DARKANE yet, I order you to go buy "Rusted Angel". If you are even remotely interested in Thrash, you will love this CD. If not, at least you've given some hard earned cash to this deserving band. Wouldn't that make you feel good?

"Rusted Angel" is the first release by the incredibly skilled DARKANE, and with such an astonishing debut, you can bet DARKANE will be breaking boundaries for a long time.

Trevor Johnston

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