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Anata - Under A Stone With No Inscription (7/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Wicked World
Playing time: 45:02
Band homepage: Anata


  1. Shackled To Guilt
  2. A Problem Yet To Be Solved
  3. Entropy Within
  4. Dance To The Song Of Apathy
  5. Sewerages Of The Mind
  6. Built On Sand
  7. Under The Debris
  8. The Drowning
  9. Leaving The Spirit Behind
  10. Any Kind Of Magic Or Miracle
Anata - Under A Stone With No Inscription
Adorned by one of the ugliest (not to mention nastiest) covers I've seen Sweden's ANATA release their third full-length, which bears a name monster for a title, "Under A Stone With No Inscription".

With that the Swedish Technical Death Metallers unleash a blistering inferno of technical riffs, time changes and stellar drum work. All done with mathematical precision. You know you can expect this right from the start. "Shackled To Guilt" starts with technical riffs accompanied with some odd-time drumming that seems a little out of key with the guitars. But soon enough they both go hand in hand joined by the good, if not amazing, vocals of umm… whoever it is that sings here (no info and the first CD I hear from ANATA, sorry). Most of the time the guitars seem to go about their own path while other instruments are taking the main road but just as you notice this the guitars join in for some great passages. Odd, but nice.

Man I think I'm pretty incompetent to go about describing the technical intricacies of every song here so I'll just skip that part…

Overall this is still pretty straightforward and compact. Technical Death Metal that doesn't go about dizzying the listener with too many odd riffs and melodies. There are a lot of different melodies/riffs per song but somehow most of them go very well together and nearly all of the songs have a nice "groove" to them. All of this also makes them somewhat interesting although this isn't something you'd want to listen to very often.

The production is good even though it could've been even better. Somehow I get the funny feeling that the sound is a bit too weak for this album and takes the sharpest edge away from it. Dunno why, might be just my ears though.

"Under A Stone With No Inscription" is an OK Technical Death Metal CD. It's not really good enough to make you go "wow!" but it's still better than most of its peers. (Online January 19, 2004)

Jari Huusko

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