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Benediction - Organized Chaos (6/10) - Great Britain - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 53:38
Band homepage: -


  1. Suicide Rebellion
  2. Stigmata
  3. Suffering Feeds Me
  4. Diary Of A Killer
  5. The Temple Of Set
  6. Nothing On The Inside
  7. Easy Way To Die
  8. Don't Look In The Mirror
  9. This Graveyard Earth
  10. Charon
  11. I Am The Disease
  12. Organized Chaos
Benediction - Organized Chaos
The BENEDICTION-Blokes return once again with this 12-song platter of groovy Death/Thrash, sounding a lot like...themselves! Is this a bad thing? If you're talking in the BOLT THROWER-sense, HELL NO! I'm cool with the "staying tr00" thing, if that's what the band is about. BENEDICTION are pretty content to tread similar ground from album-to-album, making little or no changes to their well-established sound, and "Organized Chaos" is no different.

New singer Dave Hunt fits in perfectly, a bit Hardcore-sounding for my tastes, but he'll do. The music itself consists of your standard midpaced Death Metal, as this band has been known to do. Occasionally, such as on the opener "Suicide Rebellion", they turn up the speed and make it a little thrashier, but usually it's really basic power chord-driven stuff, almost Punk-ish at times. I hate to say it, but I've heard this kind of thing enough, sure they do it well, but in this day in age, it just doesn't do anything for me. Far too much play-it-safe-ness, and let's face it, BOLT THROWER have that area covered. I'm sure, though, that this band is a solid live unit, God knows they've had enough touring in their time. Sadly, though, it's the inspiration that's lacking. Personally, I hear more inspiration in the band's previous efforts "Grind Bastard" and especially "The Dreams You Dread", this album almost feels like an afterthought of those two.

The songs are sharp and solid, I can't neglect that fact, they write catchy, heavy riffs, and the drummer is a rather skilled young bloke. The production is very raw and in-your-face, with Andy Sneap's special knob-twiddling talents making it clear and pristine, as expected. Nothing is "bad" about this album at all really, it just has no bite. The songs become interchangeable after awhile, and to sit through the whole thing, as I've just done, is more a lesson in tolerance than an enjoyable Metal-experience. So I would grab this only if you're in a hopeless rut with your Metal, otherwise, search elsewhere...

Gabriel Gose

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