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Goat Horn - Storming The Gates (9/10) - Canada - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: October 32nd Records
Playing time: 41:34
Band homepage: Goat Horn


  1. Gates Of Oppression
  2. Rotten Roll >mp3
  3. To The Cliff
  4. Final Sentence/ Finally Sentenced
  5. Storming In
  6. Fortress Doomed >mp3
  7. The Last Force
  8. Re-Animation
  9. Fate Strikes
Goat Horn - Storming The Gates
I had heard a GOAT HORN song before and hadn't been too impressed, but I have read some good reviews of this disc, so I was willing to give it a spin. GOAT HORN are three Metalheads from Canada who are so dedicated to True Heavy Metal they manage to make WIZARD look like posers. This is their second CD and you would swear that not just the album, but the band themselves had been frozen in a block of ice for 20 years.

This isn't Doom, it isn't Thrash, this is Metal so old-school it predates subgenres. GOAT HORN are all about bareknuckled guitar riffs and the rough and ready voice of bass player Jason Decay. This is mostly slower or mid paced stuff with a few speedier bits, but it all rocks. These guys write killer riffs and lots of them. GOAT HORN make a point of keeping their recordings analogue up until the last minute and as a result the album sounds fat and live - in fact I think this was recorded more or less like a live set. This kind of DIY Metal will send most fans of slick modern Power Metal running for cover, as this is greasy stuff that recalls old MOTORHEAD and to be honest these guys sound a lot like early VENOM too.

So this is not a CD for fans of trendy modern Metal styles, but strictly for those of us who favour classic Metal as down and dirty as we can find it. You have to get used to the sound of GOAT HORN, but it is worth the effort as this is a very cool band. They aren't going to get rich playing stuff like this, but they will win the devotion of true Metal fans everywhere, as there are too few bands like GOAT HORN left in the world. If you like this kind of stripped down garage Metal, then find this CD at all costs, because in years to come this will be revered as an underground classic. (Online January 22, 2004)

Paul Batteiger

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