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Desdemona - Lady Of The Lore (8,5/10) - Italy - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Northwind Records
Playing time: 57:02
Band homepage: -


  1. Black Lady
  2. Shadows Of My Life
  3. Event Horizon
  4. Lancelot
  5. Othello's Crying
  6. Neptune The Mystic
  7. If I Were Fire
  8. Changing Skin
Desdemona - Lady Of The Lore
Oh bella Italia! There still is hope for you! It is not everything as bad or boring that reaches us from boot-country in terms of melody and symphony. One of these exceptions bears the name of DESDEMONA. The guys, too, play melodic Power Metal of a faster kind, but they do not suffocate in pathos, they rock!

Especially the song-writing is excellent and not comparable with the whole True-lala of most of their colleagues. It is varied and there are no straight double-bass-stories to be told, the tempo is cleverly varied all the time. The band's sound surely has been influenced by HELLOWEEN, like almost all bands of this genre, but to talk about a mere STRATOVARIUS/HELLOWEEN-copy is crap, because this band, in my opinion, is one of the few that manages to create their own identity. Additionally they have a very good vocalist in Andrea Marchisio, who sounds like a mix of Morby (DOMINE) and Rob Tyrant (LABYRINTH).

They also use some decent Prog-tendencies, which don't emerge in frills, but they rather take up the hacked-up riffing, which DREAM THEATER use here and there, to bring some more raffinesse and power into their songs. I have not had to detect any filler on the album, I'd like to point up the mini-drama "Lancelot", a damn impressive epos, which shows DESDEMONA on their creative peak so far. This exceptional song alone would warrant the highest rating, but the rest, although very good, cannot compete with this true highlight. But I don't think that I would survive a full album of this quality, eh?

I really like this band very much and will contact the guys for an intie. Who brings such a fresh breath of air into an almost sucked-out genre has to be supported. You should do the same and get this longplayer in big quantities!

Ralf Henn

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