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Personal Top 20 of 2004

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Dave Galbraith

Name: Dave Galbraith
Email address: daveg (at)
Functions: Reviewer, Interviewer
Compatible styles: Melodic Death Metal, Thrash, Death, Prog, Gothic, Power (some power)
Incompatible styles: Black, Grind
Thoughts on the main Metal genres:
Black Metal: Blast beating my way through the very very very very very gr1m and northern passages of the forsaken inverted moon n3cr0s who are too tr00 within their kVlt for thou…..Yeah as you can tell I enjoy poking fun at Black Metal…I don’t really enjoy it overall as a genre, especially not the theatrics and “rules” associated with it.
Death Metal: Death Metal has hits and misses with me, but overall I like it for the majority.
Thrash Metal: Favourite genre overall, don’t think there is one Thrash band I don’t own a CD of or dislike.
Power Metal: RAISE UP YOUR SWORRRRRRD!! Yeah I also don’t like the theatrics of Power Metal either, but good music.
Progressive Metal: I enjoy complexity and appreciate compositional masterpieces, so Prog is one of my favourite genres.
Doom Metal: Slow and grinding…don’t think I have one Doom Metal CD.
Gothic Metal: Hit and miss again here, but bands like TRISTANIA, SIRENIA and THE SINS OF THY BELOVED make the genre noteworthy and pretty good.
Melodic/Heavy Metal: I would say I enjoy most of it if Melodic Death falls in this category. (No, it doesn’t, that’s why there is “Death” in Melodic Death… - Alex)
Demon Dave, Ladies Man.
Time at TMO: January 2004
How came at TMO: Years of patience and a little help from my friends ;)
The best thing as a TMO writer: N/A yet
The worst thing as a TMO writer: N/A yet
Reviews 21
Underground 5
Interviews 3
Live reviews 0
Articles 0
Specials 0
Reviewing methods: Shoot from the hip with what's on my mind about an album in one fell swoop.

Birthday: August 24, 1984
Birth town: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Present location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Job: Currently computer salesman at Staples
Languages: English, some French, and a teeny tiny bit of Italian ;)
Hobbies: Playing guitar, collecting CD's, watching movies, hanging out with good friends, playing pool, going to concerts.
Pet peeves: Arrogance, those who prejudge me before I've even opened my mouth to talk to them, those who think Metal is awful then praise bands that musically and creatively can't touch the Metal bands they say are terrible.
Phobia(s): Never getting a band going, being stuck in a job I don't like around a crowd I can't mix well with, never finding that special someone that makes life worth living
I, about myself: I've lived in Canada (and here in Ottawa) my whole life so far, and I am currently attending university here studying history (not sure what I'm going to do with my life yet). Would love to do something in the music industry for Metal, but North America just doesn't have the right market for it at this time. I have travelled to Europe several times and love it there and would someday like to live there and own a studio or one stop Metal shop :)
Describe yourself in 5 words: Passive nocturnal passionate Metal beast
Funny childhood story:
Hmm…well funny ones for me would probably be that I was always very romantically disinclined, I would always say "I love you" to girls because I thought that's what you were supposed to do and then they would like you. Now that I've matured I understand that's not a good idea to do…at least not right away lol.

How I came into Heavy Metal: Heard a Metal radio show on a local radio station, and after one show, started to record on tapes…first songs heard were IN FLAMES – “Ordinary Story”, BOLT THROWER – “No Guts No Glory”, FEAR FACTORY – “Resurrection”, SEPULTURA – “Territory”, MOTÖRHEAD – “Ace Of Spades”, SLAYER – “Dead Skin Mask”. I bought my first Metal album on holidays in Europe which was FEAR FACTORY’s “Demanufacture” from a little shop in Holland and I spun that disc forever and Metal had ensnared my body and soul.

First Metal CD ever bought: Fear Factory – Demanufacture

Most embarrassing CD in your collection: Well I have Take That – Nobody Else in my collection somewhere from when I got that when I was 11, but as for Metal CD, I would say SIX FEET UNDER – “Maximum Violence”. An album with only one good track isn’t worthy of being in the collection J

First Metal concert: SLAYER – November 10, 2001 in Montreal at the Metropolis. (there was a concert before that I went to in which FEAR FACTORY were supposed to play but they cancelled last minute so I had to watch PAPA ROACH and ALIEN ANT FARM L )

What did Metal teach me about life: Metal taught me to appreciate things that are not necessarily accepted by the greater society as a whole. It also taught me the value of not being prejudice to groups or individuals. I myself was guilty of that before and if you start a dialogue with someone for 5 minutes you can really discover most of the time they're just normal people who like to express themselves in the same way that people tend to stereotype them for. Most Metalheads I know are intelligent, open-minded, hard working people as opposed to slacker, drug-fiend, unemployed dirtbags like many people assume Metalheads are.
Favourite music listening place and why? My Room, only here can I blast the tunes as loud or quietly as I want and it's a comfortable environment.

Most prized Metal possession? Tough call I would have to say either my B.C. Rich Beast guitar, or my collection of 4 IRON MAIDEN CDs with the recalled Eddie as the Canadian Mountie sleeves.


Band & previous band experiences: Well no current band projects, have had about 3 bands so far though most recent being one called DARKITECTURE, previous one called CLANDESTINE (we found out later that had been taken), and the first one was called ORACIIS
Instrumental talents: Guitar for about 4 years, saxophone for 3 years from ages 11-14
Favourite bands: Opeth, Nevermore, Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Death, Fear Factory, In Flames (well older material anyways) Slayer, Symphony X, Soilwork, Quo Vadis, At the Gates, Andromeda, Nonexist, Kreator, Lacuna Coil, Sepultura (again older), Exodus, Darkane, Kalmah, Mors Principium Est, Insomnium, Nightrage, Dew-Scented, Reclusion, Liva, Into Eternity, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Devin Townsend in all his forms (SYL, DTB, etc), Nihility, Iced Earth, Beyond the Embrace, Dark Tranquility, Lyzanxia, Amaran, the Haunted, Bloodbath, Ark, Dream Theater, Carnal Forge, Corporation 187, Tristania, Sirenia, Spiral Architect, Evergrey, Farmakon, Ephel Duath, Mastodon, Blind Guardian, Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, Derek Sherinian, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Evanescence, Impaled Northern Moon Forest.
Least favourite bands: Six Feet Under, Experiment in Terror, A Legend Falls (local stuff from here), Burzum, Deicide, Eidolon, King Diamond, Destruction, Superjoint Ritual, Slipknot, Falconer, Hammerfall, Winter, Cradle of Filth, The Forsaken
Sound you'd like to have banned: The security alarms at work which go off far to often on their own and would shatter a dog's head while doing serious damage to humans.
Most overrated bands: Cradle of Filth, Six Feet Under, Burzum
Most underrated bands: Liva, Nihility, Lyzanxia, Reclusion, Into Eternity, Ephel Duath.
Most influential band: IN FLAMES. Once I heard “Colony” and then “The Jester Race” I was hooked on the melodic sound it not only got me into heavier Death Metal all those years ago, but it was also the influence for me to pick up a guitar 5 years ago.

Favourite musician: Mikael Akerfeldt
Favourite album cover: In Flames - The Jester Race
10 favourite albums:
In Flames - The Jester Race
An album that never gets boring for me and is perfect in my opinion for start to finish and the epitome of what a Melodic Death Metal album should be.

Fear Factory - Demanufacture
First Metal album purchased, and it never gets old on me, spin after spin it never wears thin.

Opeth - Still Life
My gateway to discovering OPETH, at first their sound was over my head but when I heard this album in its entirety for the first time, I was blown away and hooked, also a perfect album in my opinion.

Nightwish - Wishmaster
My first NIGHTWISH album and Tarja's voice was absolutely mesmerizing for me. I was spellbound by this album.

Tristania - Beyond The Veil
The best Gothic Metal album in existence. The composition of every song is a work of art in itself, and it is also very memorable for me.

Sepultura - Chaos A.D.
My 5th Metal album purchased and still gets frequent spins and was a decent album that led to my exploration of Death Metal.

Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
First SLAYER album that got spun constantly over and over, always a big influence for my style of song writing which is Thrash.

Children Of Bodom - Tokyo Warhearts
A live album who's quality surpasses dozens of others and that has a setlist encompassing the best of COB's first 2 releases on one convenient disc. Lots of energy and this album gets spun to death.

Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
A soul lost too soon in Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.), DEATH was reaching a height for their musical ability and song writing with this album. Perfect Death Metal album.

Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory
My gateway to Prog, great album from start to finish, excellent examples of what a group of talented and trained musicians can accomplish when they work together.

Favourite films: Gladiator, Braveheart, The Big Lebowski, Office Space, Fubar, Aliens, the Rock, Last of the Mohicans, Blackhawk Down, anything with Ah-nuld, any old crazy kung fu movies such as: Shaolin executioner, Five Fingers of Death, The Street Fighter, Fists of the Golden Monkey.
Favourite books: Gaunts ghosts series by Dan Abnett. Anything with Mack Bolan in it: Stony Man, The executioner, Phoenix Force, Able Team.
Favourite food: Pizza, New York steak in peppercorn sauce, Fettucine Alfredo, and of course KD and Alphagetti since the microwave is an inept cook's best friend ;)
Favourite drink: Coca Cola, A & W Root beer. I don't drink alcohol
Favourite smokes: Don't smoke cigarettes or anything else
Which song should be played at your funeral: Nightwish - Sleeping Sun
Idol(s): Chuck Schuldiner, Mikeal Akerfeldt, Warrell Dane, Devin Townsend, Jesper Stromblad, Micheal Romeo, Alexi Laiho, Johan Reinholdz, Fredrik Nordström.
Person you'd like to meet: Warrell Dane
Catchphrase: "My ass just got it's butt kicked"
Biggest thrill in life (so far): Seeing NIGHTWISH live in Montreal after waiting 3 years for them to come back to North America.
Goal in life: To either be in a band and tour, or own a production studio with my friend (Studio Trevman) and produce Metal albums. Make enough money to get by, but always do something that makes me happy and meet a special lady who can always keep me in good spirits no matter what (and that may already be covered ;) )
Secret: Unable to divulge that sort of information here since this is a public forum and they wouldn't be a secret anymore :)
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      Dave Galbraith

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