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18 tablatures for Cruachan

Cruachan - Folk-Lore (7/10) - Ireland - 2002

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 45:46
Band homepage: Cruachan


  1. Bloody Sunday
  2. The Victory Reel
  3. Death Of A Gael
  4. The Rocky Road To Dublin
  5. Ossian's Return
  6. Spancill Hill
  7. The Children Of Lir
  8. Ride On
  9. Susie Moran
  10. Exiles
Cruachan - Folk-Lore
The Irish folkmen keep on going their own way, and exactly like good French wine, they get better when they get older. After the quite ok "The Middle Kingdom", CRUACHAN had been able to have a single in the charts with the track "Ride On", on which none other than Shane McGowan (THE POGUES) was singing. And now, here they come with their brand new album "Folk-Lore".

The recipe is still the same, and they still mix Metal-guitars with Irish folk-melodies. That can seem strange, but in fact that's really well done, the lyrics are of course about Irish history ("Bloody Sunday", "Death Of A Gael" and so on), the single "Ride On" is still very efficient, and just like the other Irish band GEASA, CRUACHAN also recorded a very cool version of the famous "Spancill Hill".

Else, nothing bad to say about the production and the general presentation of the record! So ok, that's not violent or evil, but at least that's a very cool and quiet album, that should please you while having a Guinness or reading ancient Celtic books…

Thomas Bonnicel

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