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Lefay - Symphony Of The Damned (8,5/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 62:30
Band homepage: Lefay


  1. The Whore Of Babylon
  2. Symphony Of The Damned
  3. Fatal Illusions
  4. Last Rites
  5. Lullaby
  6. The Secret Doctrine
  7. Tequila
  8. Catacombs
  9. War Without End
  10. Crazy (Bonus Track)
  11. Captain Howdy (Bonus Track)
  12. Strange Way (Bonus Track)
  13. Cocaine (Bonus Track)
Lefay - Symphony Of The Damned

"The only reason, why we have re-re-released this album is money! Our goal is to sell at least 538 copies!“ At least they’re honest, no babbling about wanting to make their early material available to the fans, no, nothing but the pure, unadulterated truth? But seriousness aside, it really was about time that everybody could lay hands on the Swedes? symphony, because the songs are really more than remarkable and show how much (MORGANA) LEFAY have refined their style throughout the years and which class they had already had way back then.


“Symphony Of The Damned” already had been part of the compilation disc "Past, Present, Future", while the ingenious ballad “Last Rites” found its way onto their second album “The Secret Doctrine”, the rest was new to me. Songs such as "The Whore Of Babylon", "Lullaby" or "Catacombs" would not have been out of place on “The Seventh Seal”, because they hardly are second to the killer tracks off that album. Just as in the here and now, LEFAY rather follow the darker side of Power Metal, mostly denouncing speedy tracks, rather creating a very intense atmosphere with often rather slow-paced tempo, the big, heavy riffs, the tight rhythm section and the very characteristic voice of Charles Rytkönen, which you can hardly escape, especially when you had the chance to see this chaotic troop live before, because I absolutely count LEFAY to be one of the best live acts of this planet!


But it was not enough for Charles, Tony, Peter, Micke and Robin to “just” re-record the songs of "Symphony", no, they went one step further and also added four cover tracks, "Crazy" (whose original artist eludes me, if my life depended on it), "Captain Howdy" by TWISTED SISTER, "Strange Ways" by KISS and "Cocaine", which good ole Eric Clapton already had played back in the days. Tankards up, thumbs as well, LEFAY are Sweden’s best address in Power Metal, forget about HAMMERFALL or NOCTURNAL RITES! Tack så mycket, min vänner, mycket bra! (Online May 12, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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