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Without Face - Deep Inside (5,5/10) - Hungary - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Dark Symphonies
Playing time: 34:58
Band homepage: Without Face


  1. Caleidoscope
  2. Sands Of Time
  3. I And I
  4. Hymn To The Night
  5. Screaming Heartbeat
  6. Deepression
  7. The Picture
Without Face - Deep Inside
Hungarian Gothic Metal on Dark Symphonies. If you take EVENSONG as a reference, then this does not have to mean anything negative, so let's dive right in...

What do we get? Alternating vocals male/female normal, rough vocals male, atmosphere, dark melodies.

What sounds different than comparable bands? The guitars are rawer, the melodies not so sweet, the rough vocals do not sound like common Death Metal.

How does the whole thing sound? Somewhere between good average and unnerving.

Why "good average"? Because WITHOUT FACE do not offer anything new and the songs (apart from those rawer guitars) only bring us the usual Gothic Metal-ingredients and -results, without making the songs gripping or too memorable, keeping them in the (suiting the name) rather faceless mass.

And why "unnerving"? Simple, the rough vocals, which are too much Hardcore for my taste, no low growls, which might post a good contrast to the clear voices, but without melody, more scream/shout, somehow unmotivated.

Bottom line: Who needs everything in Gothic Metal can get "Deep Inside", because apart from the voice the material is quite OK, all others should rather take, depending on the approach to the genre, AFTER FOREVER, TRISTANIA or older THEATRE OF TRAGEDY.

Alexander Melzer

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