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Probot - s/t (9/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Various
Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Playing time: 46:06
Band homepage: Probot


  1. Centuries Of Sin (with Cronos)
  2. Red War (With Max Cavalera)
  3. Shake Your Blood (With Lemmy)
  4. Access Babylon (With Mike Dean)
  5. Silent Spring (With Kurt Brecht)
  6. Ice Cold Man (With Lee Dorian)
  7. The Emerald Law (With Wino)
  8. Big Sky (With Tom G. Warrior)
  9. Dictatosarus (With Snake)
  10. My Tortured Soul (With Eric Wagner)
  11. Sweet Dreams (With King Diamond)
Probot - s/t
Everyone in the underground knows that this is truly the most anticipated album of the century. I think I have to be the last person to have heard this. All of my friends have heard it and told me about the highs and lows of the CD. I have been licking my chops for a long time and now I have the CD. Was I satisfied? You bet your last dollar I was. To everyone in the music community, Dave Grohl who was the quintessential back bone as the drummer for NIRVANA soared to heights that the band never expected by taking Grunge music into the mainstream and making Seattle a household name.

After the demise there, Dave picked up the guitar and began singing with his band FOO FIGHTERS that is seeing probably more success than NIRVANA. What many people don't know is that despite being surrounded by commercial and corporate Rock, Dave is a die-hard Metal fan of all genres. The PROBOT project has been in the making for several years and has finally seen the light. Dave's Metal influence covers the period between 1983-1990. Dave has hand picked each vocalist to sing on each one of the tracks that he has written.

You have eleven songs with eleven different vocalists and each song was catered to that person's vocal style. Dave said that he didn't intentionally write the songs like that, it just happened that way. Put it like this, Dave is a gifted musician and composer and these songs fit each person to a tee. What is cool with this project is that Dave gave each vocalist free reign to write the lyrics and they could sing anyway they saw fit. The result is a smorgasbord of sounds that only Dave could get away with here. First up to bat is former frontman turn Mr. Olympian Cronos of VENOM with "Centuries Of Sin". This is raw power at its loudest. Dave's drumming here is guaranteed to pierce your speakers while Cronos' deep bass playing is bound to make your stomach implode. This is HEAVY METAL. Max Cavalera gets his shot with "Red War". Very groovy and heavy with the dominating vokills that only Max can provide. Yes, you can say it's SOULFLY meets SEPULTURA in a back alley in Brazil. "Shake Your Blood" was tailor made for Lemmy and Lemmy only. This song has MOTÖRHEAD written all over it. Raw power, groovy bass lines and dirty guitar riffs that Lemmy has been known for over 25 years in the rock industry.

Mike Dean from COC fame is next with "Access Babylon" and this has to be by far the shortest song. This is Hardcore: fast, under produced and is guaranteed to kick you square in the nuts. Kurt Brecht from D.R.I. takes a stab with "Silent Spring". Deep and powerful drumming with low tuned bass licks tossed in for good measure and power chords make for another possible raw classic. The legendary Lee Dorian of NAPALM DEATH fame and CATHEDRAL slows it down a lot compared to the other songs with "Ice Cold Man". The apparent doomy, slow, sludgy guitars and uber slow drumming is what makes a Doom song, no? Yep, this is U.K. Doom at its slowest and most powerful. Wino and his powerful guitar work that has a signature sound all its own makes an impact with "The Emerald Law". All I can say is that this song rocks like there's not tomorrow. The guitar riffs are catchy as sin and this is such a pick me upper that not only will you be air guitaring to this jam like me, but you will want to turn it up to 11 on your stereo.

Well, until we get a new CELTIC FROST album, "Big Sky" from Tom G. Warrior will have to do. The song packs a punch with more grooving bass lines and hard hitting drumming, but the vocals are very weak. They are not as powerful as they used to be and this has to be the most disappointing track thus far. I was looking forward to this and was let down. Damn! Legendary Canadian Snake takes over with "Dictosaurus". The simple and repetitive guitar riffs will remind you of "Nothingface", "Angel Rat" and the new self-titled VOIVOD CD. This is nothing special, but cool to check out at the very least.

We are down to the last two tracks of the CD. Eric Wagner from TROUBLE fame gets his turn with "My Tortured Soul". This is Doom with a touch of Blues courtesy of the guitar work. Some of the vocal work comes off like Robert Plant at his very best. KING DIAMOND wraps up the CD with "Sweet Dreams". This is a very slow and dramatic song. What else would you expect from The King? The trademark falsettos, screams and laughter are all here. Pleasant dreams. Ok, I know that many of you are sceptical about Dave's involvement with this project because he was in a Seattle Grunge band. The thing is that Dave was always a Metalhead and he is the real deal. You will hear it all on this super project. All of the songs are gritty, raw and not over produced and slick. You will not get clean-cut singing that is over the top like some Power Metal singers.

Dave covers the second coming of Metal that was from 1983-1990. This CD rocks in every possible way and is a sure fire winner here. The wait is over and now you to can have your own copy. (Online January 25, 2004)

Joe Florez

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