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Country of origin: Netherlands
Founded: 1996 (under another name)
Status: Active
Official homepage: Last Fear

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Band History - Last Fear (Online Jan. 2004)

Last Fear

The base for LAST FEAR was founded in 1996 when Leon, Colin and Erik decided to start a band together (at that time under a different name). None of the guys were really a skilled or trained guitarist, so to call this a band is not really correct, but they tried. After many nights of practice in Erik's attic they began to feel that it was time for the real thing. "Mowed To Death", the first song on the first demo was written in those days. All three of them played the guitar and wanted to keep doing so if they were going to play gigs, they realised that this was not the most practical thing to do so after a while they decided that Leon and Erik should in turn change to bass. They also started looking for a drummer and vocalist. They looked for about a year but found nobody.

When Leon was asked to come play guitars in another band, he could finally focus completely on playing bass in LAST FEAR so Erik and Colin could keep to their guitars. In the summer of 1999, Youri joined the band. With his dark grunt he was an excellent addition to the band. At this point, all that was left to complete the band was a drummer. After having tried several drummers they decided to solve their drummer-problem in a different way: Leon had already quite had it with the bass and had a really good feeling for rhythm, as he already made the drum tracks for the new songs. They decided that Leon would start doing the drums. Youri decided to start playing bass besides his vocals. They both started learning to play their instruments from level zero. At this point, LAST FEAR was finally complete.

In the first months of 2000, LAST FEAR took their time to practice really hard, write new songs and improve the old ones. This resulted in their first gig, in De Kade in Zaandam on the 22nd of July 2000. This gig went very well and soon they got more offers to play live gigs. Among other things, LAST FEAR competed in the Noord Hollands Glorie competition; they became second in the qualifying round. The many positive reactions to their gigs made them decide to start recording a demo CD. This demo CD was "She's Gut Guts...", recorded in December 2000 and containing five songs. On the 7th of April in the next year, the new CD was presented in De Kern in Purmerend with a really successful gig/launch party.

After this, the members of the band got busy rehearsing and composing new songs, changing their style towards more Brutal Death Metal. Colin couldn't really relate to this style-change so he quit the band.

Mid-2001 the band again entered the Steelworks studios to record a new song for a promo CD. This was purely to show the new direction the band had taken. At this time, the search for a new guitarist had also begun. After having tried a number of guys, Pieter Shouten turned up and the guys decided that he was the best man to fill up the empty space left by Colin. Pieter gracefully pulled himself through his first live-gig in the Postbrug in Den Helder. Now they knew they had made the right decision and now the band could finally return to doing what the band was all about: writing and especially performing their music.

At this point, the offers for gigs started to come in more frequently. LAST FEAR did quite a few live performances, such as the qualifying rounds for the Metal Battle in 2002, a beneficiary show for the Baroeg in Rotterdam, a gig in the Scum in Katwijk and they were asked to perform on the Metal Underground Fest in Emmeloord.

Now, two years after Pieter's entering the band, LAST FEAR entered the Steelworks Studios again, this time to record their second official demo CD, called: "Non Compos Mentis". Six songs will appear on this disk. These songs will be many times more intensive and brutal than their previous work. Of course, LAST FEAR also intends to play lots of gigs to properly present their music and promote the new demo CD.

LAST FEAR guarantees you a big fat roaring load of brutallest Death Metal. With the new demo CD and by playing as many gigs as possible, they will do their best to convince the Metal scene that LAST FEAR's here and they're here to stay.

Current Line-Up:
Erik Buitendijk - Guitars
Youri Fambach - Bass & Vocals
Leon NoŽ - Drums (also in THE BLASTY BOYZ (guitar & drums), ex-NOCTUMBRE (guitar))
Pieter Schouten - Guitars

Previous members:
Colin Brunt - Guitars (on "She's Gut GutsÖ")


Non Compos Mentis

Erik Buitendijk - Guitars
Youri Fambach - Bass & Vocals
Leon NoŽ - Drums
Pieter Schouten - Guitars

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Non Compos Mentis" - Independent

Total playing time: 20:40
  1. Blunt Force Trauma
  2. Excavated And Dismembered
  3. Torturing For Superiority
  4. Enravishing Atrocity
  5. Sold In Pieces
  6. We're Eating Steak Tonight

She's Gut GutsÖ

Erik Buitendijk - Guitars
Youri Fambach - Bass & Vocals
Leon NoŽ - Drums
Colin Brunt - Guitars

2000 "She's Gut GutsÖ" - Independent

Total playing time: 19:54
  1. Mowed To Death
  2. In My Morgue
  3. Reputation In Amputation
  4. Autopsy
  5. Instant Death

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