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Carnal Forge - Please...Die! (5,5/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 37:04
Band homepage: Carnal Forge


  1. Butchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged
  2. Hand Of Doom
  3. Fuel For Fire
  4. Totalitarian Torture
  5. Everything Dies
  6. Slaves
  7. Welcome To Your Funeral
  8. Please... Die! (Aren't You Dead Yet)
  9. Becoming Dust
  10. No Resurrection
  11. A World All Soaked In Blood
  12. A Higher Level Of Pain
Carnal Forge - Please...Die!
CARNAL FORGE the third and for the third time extreme, slightly deathy Thrash Metal. The debut, as Luca had pointed out, has not been too good, even I liked the second one, so what has record number 3 to offer?

Well, again an absolute hate-bolt, which is really hefty. Compared to "Firedemon" just the catchiness has gone on holiday or something, I personally miss the melodies (which with all aggression still are necessary), too much emphasis lies on the pure thrashing. If I listen to the opener "Butchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged" (nice title, btw), the whole thing sounds far too hectic, which generally is a "problem" of this album, because the record loses a lot of its power through that.

The more melodic (and still super-heavy) "Hand Of Doom" shows that they still are able to do it and the killer-riffs and -leads of the Kuusisto-brothers (see "Everything Dies") are pluses as well.

But at least for me it is really difficult to listen to this album in one piece, too many pure high-speed-attacks attack the listener, which gets too monotonous after a short while, also because they underestimate the melody-factor, contrary to the genre-greats like THE HAUNTED. All the precision of execution of the mostly 3-minute or shorter tracks doesn't help there anymore.

For Thrash-maniacs most probably a good investment, if you can deal with a lot of high-speed-thrashing, all others should better step lightly...

Alexander Melzer

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