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Nostromo - Ecce Lex (8/10) - Switzerland - 2002

Genre: Hardcore / Grindcore
Label: Overcome Records
Playing time: 33:46
Band homepage: Nostromo


  1. Rude Awakening
  2. What Is Up In Your Cryotube
  3. Stillborn Prophet
  4. End's Eve
  5. Lab Of Their Will
  6. Sunset Motel
  7. Pull The Pin >mp3
  8. Seeking An Exit
  9. Ecce Lex
  10. Feed The Living
  11. Turned Black
  12. Unwillingly And Slow
Nostromo - Ecce Lex
This CD is the audio equivalent of a serial killer. Underestimate it for a second and you're dead.

Mix in equal parts Grind riffing, Hardcore breakdowns and high pitched screeching, turn it all up to 11 and you get NOSTROMO. It's an extremely volatile mix and it has to be handled with care, otherwise it will just come out as one giant mess, snubbed and ignored by all factions, but when done properly, it will be embraced by all and well, NOSTROMO got it right.

A high-pitched tone starts the CD, not unlike the small drizzle that gets on your nerves, but also serves as a tornado warning. Sure enough, "Rude Awakening" more than lives up to his name as it erupts into a savageness that is rarely met. Even a track like "Sunset Motel" which is infused with a high dose of melody, at least in comparison to their other tracks still has a thick, heavy layer weighing down over it. Instead of it being straight out brutality, it just weighs you down over the course of the track.

There are a couple of shorter interludes to help break up the chaos into more manageable sections, such as "End's Eve" and most of "Turned Black" and I can appreciate the effort that is put into that, but ultimately it doesn't really help the disc any and often times it can kill the momentum that they had building. Being the extremely aggressive band that they are, though, NOSTROMO are able to rebuild that momentum and push it even further, so I guess this wasn't much of a concern on their part and hey, they're nice little interludes.

More than just your average crossover, NOSTROMO blur the lines with their ferocious Hardcore/Grindcore attack. (Online January 27, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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