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Gruesome Stuff Relish/Splatterhouse - Split (7,5/10) - Spain/USA - 2003

Genre: Grindcore
Label: No Escape
Playing time: 19:03
Band homepage: Gruesome Stuff Relish
Band homepage: Splatterhouse


  1. Maggot Sermon
  2. Awash In Gore
  3. Splatterhouse >mp3
  4. Decom-Posers (Haemorrhage Cover)

    Gruesome Stuff Relish
  5. The Last Survivor >mp3
  6. Curse Of The
  7. Don't Feel Shame
  8. Zombie Madness
  9. Jungle Of The Flesh Eating Beings
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Split
Two underground bands facing off in a battle that they hope will land one, or both, a coveted spot amongst the Grindcore elite. The result: this split CD. The winner? Neither of them.

Basically, neither band presents material that would allow them to be mentioned among certain first tier Grindcore bands, but it is good enough to bring them to an overcrowded second tier. While probably not the result they were looking for, it's still not an entirely bad thing. The Grind enthusiasts will be sure to check it out, because there is something worthwhile about the split, the songs are still solid, but it takes something more than solid song writing to get to the next tier.

In terms of this particular 'battle' SPLATTERHOUSE comes out a bit over GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, with a style coming off as a "Slaughtercult" era EXHUMED. GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, while still not bad, are worse than they were the first time I encountered them, on the "Split Your Guts" three way split. Hopefully this is just a minor glitch and they'll shape up for their next release.

So basically, it's just under 20 minutes of good Grind. Nothing essential, but it'd make for a good 'what the hell, why not' purchase. (Online January 27, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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