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Fuck…I'm Dead - Bring On The Dead (8,5/10) - Australia - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Razorback Records
Playing time: 72:41
Band homepage: Fuck…I'm Dead


  1. Twist Of Death
  2. A Fraction Off Death
  3. Army Of Hermaphrodites
  4. Burnt To An Absolute Crisp
  5. My Feral Fucktoy
  6. Colon Commando >mp3
  7. Delicious Dolop
  8. Fucking The Foetus
  9. Skull Fucked
  10. Shopfront Whore
  11. Jeffrey Dahmer's Cookbook
  12. Pickled Member
  13. Shotgun Facelift
  14. Barefoot And Shit Faced
  15. Violet
  16. Inject Me With AIDS
  17. Slowly Raped With A Chainsaw
  18. Toilet Tantalizers
  19. Spray Me With Fecal Matter
  20. Licky Webster
  21. Fuck... I'm Dead
  22. A Fraction Off Death (Live)
  23. Licky Webster (Live)
Fuck…I'm Dead - Bring On The Dead
"You into Metal?" "As long, as it's heavy."

If you live by that statement, then this high-speed roller coaster ride is for you. Forget dynamics, forget variety and forget about everything that makes music accessible, because this baby's locked in at 666 BPM and the key's been lost. If you're the kind of guy who needs meaningful lyrics, clean acoustic passages and a artsy elements, then you might want to go cuddle up to your OPETH CDs, cause this doesn't have anything you're looking for.

This CD is one thing and one thing only; sick. Non-stop blasts beats, frightening dual high and low screams and chainsaw riffing that's bound to jam its way into your skull and have its way with you. Completely uncompromising Hyper-Grind fit only for the initiated. If you're not, don't even bother.

The most epic track on this disc clocks in at under 1:45 and in true Grind fashion, the majority is well under that as well. While still no AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED in terms of song length, FUCK…I'M DEAD still got the extremely short songs down pat. And that's all you really need. Short and to the point. (The extremely long length of the disc is due to over 40 minutes of silence at the end of the last track).

Getting whiplash was never so much fun! (Online January 27, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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