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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DEATHSTARS - Synthetic Generation

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Deathstars - Synthetic Generation (8/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Electro Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 44:47
Band homepage: Deathstars


  1. Semi-Automatic
  2. Synthetic Generation
  3. New Dead Nation
  4. Syndrome >mp3
  5. Modern Death
  6. Little Angel
  7. The Revolution Exodus
  8. Damn Me
  9. The Rape
  10. Genocide
  11. No Light
  12. White Wedding
Deathstars - Synthetic Generation
Electro Metal is a very well established Metal sub-genre such as, let's say Viking Metal or Folk Metal, this particular sub-genre has the ability of molding with most of the "typical" genres of Metal, such as Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash, Power etc. In this case DEATHSTARS deliver a synthesizer-driven Electro Gothic Metal.

This might not be the heaviest thing around these days and for me not the most easy to digest, at first listen I didn't like this one, but after a few spins of "background" music while I played some games, I started to like this…

DEATHSTARS are playing, like I said, Gothic Metal with a lot of synthesizers as a back up, the voice goes from the typical deep, dark Gothic voice to some shrieks here and there, the formula works because DEATHSTARS have composed good songs with the most catchiest riffs and choruses, god knows how many times I hummed one or two of this songs for a entire day!

The album starts with "Semi-Automatic" a very catchy song (as many songs of this album), this song could be easily be placed in the latest album of THE KOVENANT, some songs reminded me of PARADISE LOST while others reminded me of RAMMSTEIN, as you can see, the range of influences is quite broad.

The title track "Synthetic Generation" follows the same path as the previous song, but lacks some aggression, now I'm thinking "hope the whole album doesn't follow the same path…" My prayers are heard with "New Dead Nation" a more aggressive song, more complete, with a very catchy guitar riff.

We slow things down to listen to "Syndrome" a mid paced song, kinda melancholic, I don't know, you have to be in the mood to listen to this one…"Modern Death" is next, this one is one of my favourite songs on the album, now the voice of the singer is sounding like one of those 80's Goth bands. "Little Angel" closes the first half of the album and this one has to be the catchiest song of the whole album, if you want to know what DEATHSTARS are all about, I strongly recommend this one, it has a creepy "la la la la la" before the chorus.

In the next half of the CD, you have more catchy songs, cool riffs and a lot of electronics, although I liked the first half better, the second half is also good. The CD ends with a very pleasant surprise, a cover of Billy Idol's "White Wedding", excellent song and a superb cover done by these guys.

Well, fans of THE KOVENANT, PARADISE LOST and RAMMSTEIN get this one immediately, you won't be disappointed and for all of you who don't like Electro Metal, well, prepare yourself because this is a sub-genre that is taking the world by surprise and I can predict that 2004 is going to bring a lot of new bands doing this, just be prepared for the electro storm. (Online January 28, 2004)

Enrique Congrains

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