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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - FROST - Raise Your Fist To Metal

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Frost - Raise Your Fist To Metal (7/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 36:18
Band homepage: Frost


  1. Stay
  2. The Chase
  3. Brotherhood Of Lies
  4. What's Left
  5. The Man I Am
  6. Nippin At Your Ear
  7. What I Say
  8. Fight Fire With Fire
  9. Slow Burn
  10. Lack Of Communication
Frost - Raise Your Fist To Metal
Jack Frost must be one of the most busy musicians of our time, the list of his bands and contributions is almost endless, SEVEN WITCHES; METALIUM, SPEEED, THE BRONX CASKET CO., SAVATAGE (where the info quite boldly states that Frost's participation "put the scratched reputation of the combo into the right light again) and now he comes along "solo", under the name of FROST. Surely one should not measure the man on how many bands and projects he is/has been part of, but it still is a bit weird to see, when a musician roams through the scene like that.

Anyways, FROST and their debut "Raise Your Fist To Metal" are the basis of this review, so let's do it. The list of guest musicians that Jack could welcome in the studio is mightily impressive: Gonzo Sandoval (ARMORED SAINT, LIFE AFTER DEATH), Mike Duda (W.A.S.P.), Johnny Dee (DORO, BRITNY FOX, WAYSTED), Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT, FATES WARNING, ENGINE, SEVEN WITCHES), Billy Childs (BRITNY FOX), Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X), Harry Hess (HAREM SCAREM), Bobby Lucas (OVERLORDE), Joe Comeau (ANNIHILATOR, OVERKILL), Steven Braun (AZLAN), Jack Emrick (LIFE AFTER DEATH) and Rob Rock (IMPELLITTERI, WARRIOR, Axel Rudi Pell), many if which who apparently also participated in the song writing.

So what has come from it now? Well, I'm still searching for the "own note" of the "very strong compositions" that the info is praising, even after numerous attempts, because "Raise Your Fist To Metal" has not turned out to be a "sensational musical creation", as one might have hoped from the impressive list of musicians and the high flying words of the info sheet.

Ok, it is not as bad as it may read now, because with material such as "Stay" (very powerful, rough vocals, apart from that US Power Metal), "The Chase", the good melodies of a "What's Left" or the Hard Rocker "The Man I Am" they have some good stuff on offer, but the full ignition just won't come through, because there also are weaker songs on the menu, which together with the big praisals in the info just cannot fully convince. The own compositions are supplemented by one or two cover versions, this being RATT's "Lack Of Communication", which is really good, you don't get that often in first place, and apparently "Fight Fire With Fire", not the METALLICA song, but there people are not really sure about yet, if it is a FROST song or something else.

Absolutely remarkable is the choice of vocalists per song, because there are quite some surprises to be noted down, such as HAREM SCAREM fronter Harry Hess on "Stay" and "What I Say". A LOT rougher than with his band, Joe Comeau has taken on "The Chase"; which also does not really soud typical for him and for the ballad "The Man I Am" Jack Frost even has stepped up to the microphone himself and does a really good job.

But what is pretty brazen is the playing time of just 36 minutes and 18 seconds, if you look at the fact that there are two cover versions among it, there is not that much own material left. That surely is not bad, but still there remains a bitter after taste that this could have been so much more. (Online January 30, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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