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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - ANGUS - Track Of Doom/Warrior Of The World

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Angus - Track Of Doom/Warrior Of The World (8/10) - Netherlands - 2001

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Sentinel Steel
Playing time: 71:54
Band homepage: Angus


  1. The Centaur
  2. When Giants Collide >mp3
  3. Track Of Doom >mp3
  4. Heavyweight Warrior
  5. Finally Out
  6. The Gates
  7. Dragon Chase
  8. Lost Control
  9. Warrior Of The World >mp3
  10. Moving Fast >mp3
  11. Leather And Lace >mp3
  12. Money Satisfies
  13. Black Despair
  14. 2086
  15. Freedom Fighter >mp3
  16. If God's In Heaven (Why Is There Hell On Earth) >mp3
Angus - Track Of Doom/Warrior Of The World
This a double CD containing both albums released by Dutch band ANGUS back in 1986 and 1987, re-released by Denis Gulbey of Sentinel Steel Records. This label almost exclusively reissues lost classics from the 80s and this is no exception. ANGUS was four guys from the Netherlands who played awesome true Heavy Metal and that few people ever heard of back in the day, so it is a good thing that this has been re-released for the delectation of classic Metalheads everywhere.

ANGUS specialized in galloping double-bass Heavy Metal with a very European flavour (not surprising) and both albums are full-throttle Metal banquets. Their guitar riffs are very MAIDEN-esque, but with an enjoyably heavy, slightly thrashy feel that recalls ACCEPT or PARADOX. These guys never really slow down and every song charges ahead like the bull they named the band after. (They also meant the band name to be a reference to Angus Young, so it should be no surprise that there is an AC/DC feel to the guitar tone.) The playing is very proficient and tight and the leads are excellent. Singer Edgar Lois is a great power wailer of the DIO school and his clear, strong vocals are a highlight of the CD. One of the things I enjoy most about this album is that the band never runs out of ideas and even at 16 tracks total for this CD you don't get bored. They just keep pumping out cool riffs and catchy vocal lines. In general, the first album "Track Of Doom" (the first 8 tracks) is heavier and the second album "Warrior Of The World" is more melodic and 'rocking', but both albums rock pretty fucking hard.

This is a Sentinel Steel release, which means the very best packaging: the original art for both albums, a band history by drummer William Lawson, lyrics and band pics that will make you laugh out loud. (Go easy on the spandex, it was 1987 after all) The lyrics are my only serious beef with this CD, as they range from poorly written to out-and-out stupid. (On their second album ANGUS got more in a "Sex&Money" mode and wrote some terrible lyrics.) But thankfully Lois' heavy accent keeps you from understanding most of the lyrics in the songs themselves and so they don't really distract.

This is a sure bet for 80s mavens and fans of more modern Power Metal like DRAGONFORCE, WIZARD or even PARAGON will find something to enjoy here. This is great stuff from the classic age of Heavy Metal that still has legs even after 17 years and with 2 CDs for the price of one, you can't go wrong with ANGUS. (Online February 1, 2004)

Paul Batteiger

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