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Nemesis - Goddess Of Revenge (4,5/10) - Czech Republic - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Underground Symphony
Playing time: 46:04
Band homepage: Nemesis


  1. The Mission
  2. Servant Of Will >mp3
  3. Desert Of Your Sins
  4. Queen Of Fate >mp3
  5. Host From Kingdom Of Lion
  6. Rain
  7. Crystal Eyes
  8. Mercenary >mp3
  9. Heaven's Fall >mp3
  10. Last Heretic
Nemesis - Goddess Of Revenge
Power Metal from Italy via Underground Symphony. A few years back this constellation was a big hope for good quality music, by now it is an at times almost deterrent example for the oversaturation of a scene by inbreeding and most shameless copying. NEMESIS' first album, "Goddess Of Revenge", is a) Power Metal, b) from Italy and is released c) via Underground Symphony. Bad cards for the Italians? Potentially yes, but for one NEMESIS are not Italian (or Greeks or Hungarians), but Czechs and secondly there always are the more or less famed exceptions of the rule.

Hold on, didn't we just have almost the same beginning with ARTHEMIS? Yes, we did and the starting position is almost the same, with the exception of the country of origin and of course the fact that I do not know anything about NEMESIS apart from being Czech as I do not have any information and the homepage of Underground Symphony is not exactly a well of information and the band itself does not even have a homepage to start with. The cover here, too, is good, but that almost always had been a trade mark of Underground Symphony, so does not generally say anything about the quality of the CD.

Well, after ARTHEMIS had been one of the mentioned exceptions, NEMESIS sound more Italian than many of the Italian bands and bring us almost exactly to so over strained symphonic Power Metal, which dozens of other bands already had chewed to death in the mid to late Nineties. That the intro doesn't bring anything new is nothing unusual, but the opener "Servant Of Will" already shows clearly that NEMESIS are appearing on the scene several years too late. Driving, triggered double bass, some symphonic keyboards, standard Power Metal riffing with a few Malmsteen-ish elements and high, nice sounding vocals.

Everything is well executed and also fluently written and arranged, but nothing sticks, absolutely nothing, it is almost frightening. If you have a faible for Power Metal, such as myself, then you can listen to "Goddess Of Revenge" without any problems or even pain, but also have to admit that NEMESIS have absolutely nothing even resembling an own sound and nothing stands out either, neither an especially good track or even a melody, the album is just there and if you take it out, it is gone and won't come back without you missing it. So if you still are collecting anything that is Power Metal (and have not run out of money yet), then you can get NEMESIS, as said, they don't hurt, but there are so many so much better and more original bands… (Online February 1, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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