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Pitchshifter - (10/10) - Great Britain - 1998

Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Geffen
Playing time: 52:52
Band homepage: Pitchshifter


  1. Microwaved
  2. 2nd Hand
  3. Genius
  4. Civilised
  5. Subject To Status
  6. W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.
  7. Please Sir
  8. Disposable
  9. A Better Lie
  10. Innit
  11. What's In It For Me?
  12. I Don't Like It
  13. ZX81
  14. Free Samples
Pitchshifter -
The British nearly surpassed themselves in terms of perfection with "" and those 1998 released masterpiece should also be their best and most matured album in their long career. There are indeed still their magnificent debut "Industrial" plus following EP "Submit", the pioneering "Desensitized" album, the not less entertaining "Infotainment" or latter successes like "Deviant" or "PSI", but still, the fourth record has the most ingenious concept and it skillfully combines Industrial, Heavy Metal, Rock and Punk elements, there's no other band to compare with. PITCHSHIFTER had been an original right up from the start and they had never fight against any complaints, every second todays band has to handle with.

I'm speaking about identity and the exact sense to be always a bit better than the rest. Just take the revolutionary sound of "" and the amount of first-class songs. Productionwise, there was no other responsible than Machine ((hed) P.E., CORTIZONE,...) and he threw the pickely arranged songs in a unique sound costume. On one hand pretty heavy and fat, on the other hand still sensitive and differentiated, the whole material precisely hits the listeners attention and opens for him a journey through the universe of PITCHSHIFTER. Who gets involved in "" will be dragged into a highly technical or better said biomechanical described world and will be shot with Industrial shells, until one has to hoist the white flag. With the opening crusher "Microwaved", the nearly typical hammers "Genius", "Civilised" or "Please Sir", neckwreckers like "2nd Hand", "Disposable" and "I Don't Like It", this fourth album of the British seems like a merciless impact. Fat, hammering beats, brutal thick guitar walls combined with super precision and epoch making intensity in context with PITCHSHIFTER always means a full service at the highest level.

To add is the incisive and distinctive voice of J.S. Clayden, who developed into the trademark of the band within the years, not only because of his sudorific live performances. And there is another aspect, which is weaved with the band from Nottingham. Alike in the beginning of their career, their critical lyrics had been always a centrepiece in their songs and so, the listener has besides first-class music the chance to do something good for its brain cells. The overall picture is furthermore enhanced with the appropriate presentation and there's nothing left to be desired. Apart from that, their story is known and one can say, that "" is no only one of a few PITCHSHIFTER records, no, it is the ultimate PITCHSHIFTER record and there's no doubt that it deserves the highest rate. A masterpiece! (Online February 3, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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