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More about Secrets She Kept

Country of origin: USA
Founded: 2000
Status: Active
Official homepage: Secrets She Kept

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Band History - Secrets She Kept (Online Feb. 2004)

Secrets She Kept

SECRETS SHE KEPT was started by Necrol in late '00/early '01. Originally to be a full band, members started dropping off to do other things. So it was made a solo act. Around mid '02 the three song demo, "Symphonies Of Eternal Suffering And Damnation" was independently released. The demo was written, recorded, produced, packaged and arranged completely by Necrol. All instruments, vocals, and programming were done by Necrol as well. Soon after the release SECRETS SHE KEPT was picked up by Morbid Souls Music to release a full length album, to be entitled, "Requiems To Midnight, Woe". The name SECRETS SHE KEPT was meant to be deceiving. It was meant NOT to reflect the sound of the music, unlike most Black Metal bands. The objective was to be different in the unchanging world of today's underground.

Current Line-Up:
Necrol - All instruments & Vocals

Previous members:


Symphonies Of Eternal Suffering And Damnation (Demo)

Necrol - All Instruments & Vocals

"The Metal Observer" Review

2002 "Symphonies Of Eternal Suffering And Damnation (Demo)" - Independent

Total playing time: 9:58
  1. Laid to Rest (The Final Farewell)
  2. Damnation Black
  3. Leiden

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