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Kaptain Sun - Rainbowride (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Death'N'Roll
Label: Rage Of Achilles Records
Playing time: 48:20
Band homepage: Kaptain Sun


  1. Invisible Dragons >mp3
  2. Cosmic Magic From The Doomed…
  3. Golden Harvest
  4. Lovdemon >mp3
  5. Rainbowride
  6. Freedom
  7. Groove Hotel
  8. The Tides
  9. Universe At Night
Kaptain Sun - Rainbowride
Hell yeah, this is crashing! "Rainbowride" is the title of the debut of Swedish Death'n'Roll band KAPTAIN SUN. The band arose from the ashes of Death Metal band CLANDESTINE in 1998 and ever since the gentlemen Rickard Gustafsson (bass), Andy Wong (vocals & guitar), Andrey (lead guitar) and Marcus Hamrin (drums) mix their Death Metal with real Rock'n'Roll. In 2000 they already release the EP "Trip To Vortex".

And "Rainbowride" is a real hammer blow, I must say that this has got something going. KAPTAIN SUN combine Death Metal and Rock'n'Roll in a great crossover. The songs have groove, power and a good portion of catchiness without too kitschy melodies. My personal favourites are opener "Invisible Dragons", "Golden Harvest" and "The Tides". The other songs, though, are also very strong, without exception. The riffs are mostly rather simple, but have the necessary effect. What also strikes is the long playing time of the songs When I think of Death'n'Roll, then I expect songs of maximum 3 to 4 minutes playing time. The Swedes, though, make it over the 4 minute mark with almost all songs. That not least because of the extensive guitar solos, such as with "Golden Harvest". But these solos never are overblown or too complex, just like with the riffs. They never miss their mark and always absolutely fit the respective song.

The sound on "Rainbowride" is very rough and dirty, but I would not call it bad. I think that it was the band's full intention to let the songs sound like that. I don't want to talk about the lyrics here, hopefully the band will do so in an interview soon.

So I am really surprised. KAPTAIN SUN have really impressed me with their "Rainbowride". I do not think that it is exaggerated, when I put the guys into one row with bands like ENTOMBED or CATHEDRAL, the album just sounds fresh and snotty as you would expect it from a fresh Rock'n'Roll or Death'n'Roll band. "Rainbowride" does not contain any bad song, is very catchy and sticks. A very good album that you should listen to at full volume, because it has tons of power. If the next albums of the band get even better, they should soon be as known as a coloured dog. They already deserve it now. So, my friends, come one! Let your skull be split and listen in.

Check out tips: "Invisible Dragons", "Golden Harvest", "The Tides"... (Online February 4, 2004)

Patrick Weiler

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