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Country of origin: Netherlands
Founded: 1998 (under Cheesy Victims)
Status: Active
Official homepage: Cheesy

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Band History - Cheesy (Online Feb. 2004)


CHEESY plays an energetic blend of freaky Metal, Funk and grooving Hardcore. Influences of this Dutch band from Haarlem range from SYSTEM OF A DOWN to PRIMUS and from FAITH NO MORE to CARCASS. Their surprising songs are made using a mix of brutal riffs, slapping bass, original drumming, and varied vocals. The band has earned much respect with their tight and in-your-face live performance. No angry faces, traumatic childhoods or cliché political statements: the four musicians play with total abandonment and a passion and energy rarely seen on stage.

CHEESY started in September 1998 as CHEESY VICTIMS. Already from the start the band performed a lot, starting at small venues but also main Dutch stages like Melkweg and Patronaat. 2001 was an important year for the band. Apart from launching a new internet site, they recorded their first 5-track CD Demo, which received many positive press reviews, even in Italy… Furthermore the band played a lot and performed for the second time in the Melkweg, a gig that impressed many people, among which professionals from the music industry. This resulted in an interview with Algemeen Dagblad (a main Dutch paper) and a deal with a booking agency.

2002, was an even more successful year. The band collected a solid crew to ensure that shows run smoothly and always look and sound great. In March, CHEESY organized a 16-day tour to Italy and drove with their own Cheesy Tour Camper to nine gigs (e.g. Rome, Florence and Bari). This unforgettable experience brought the band still closer together.

In April, CHEESY won the Rob Acda Award, being the first Metalband ever to win it. Shortly after, the band played at Bevrijdingspop Haarlem (50,000 people). In fall 2002, the band was approached by producer Justin Billinger (UK) and the preparations for the recordings of a debut album were started. In November, the band got signed by Little Shark Records, an independent label with interesting international contacts. Shortly after, CHEESY recorded the album at the prestigious Galaxy Studios in Belgium, known for working with RAMMSTEIN and GUANO APES. The recordings were mixed at Studio 150 (Amsterdam) by Joeri Saal, and mastered at Abbey Road (London) by Sean Magee.

On March 27 2003, the band released "Beg" at a full Patronaat with an explosive performance. The promotion tour also hit main Dutch venues 013 and Melkweg and continued with a second tour to Italy (11 shows), more shows in Holland and recently a successful tour to Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. In the mean time "Beg" received many enthusiastic (inter)national reviews and is now distributed by Bertus in Holland and by Twilight Vertrieb in Germany.

For 2004, a new tour is planned that will hit Holland, UK (Jan. 29-31) and Italy (Feb. 27-Mar. 7). The summer festivals will be toured in Holland, Belgium, Italy and Slovakia. The tours will be supported by the release of a video clip of "Backseatboy", which is currently in production and scheduled for release in January.

Booking info:
International: CHEESY Management ( Tel: +31 620057988
Holland: Rat Attack Bookings (, Tel: +31 645474039
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Current Line-Up:
Coen - Vocals
David - Drums
Rick - Guitars
Wouter - Bass & Backing Vocals

Previous members:



Coen - Vocals
David - Drums
Rick - Guitars
Wouter - Bass & Backing Vocals

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Beg" - Little Shark Records

Total playing time: 38:08
  1. Hidden Track (Just play the first song and rewind!!)
  2. Got Freaks
  3. Backseatboy
  4. Talk
  5. B52
  6. Get Away
  7. Countryside
  8. Seven
  9. Cynical Dimension
  10. Words
  11. Get It On
  12. Your Style
  13. Freebee
  14. Surprise Me

Cheesy Victims (Demo-CD)

Coen - Vocals
David - Drums
Rick - Guitars
Wouter - Bass & Backing Vocals

2001 "Cheesy Victims (Demo-CD)" - Independent

Total playing time: n/a
  1. Seven
  2. Backseatboy
  3. Aaaaarggh Oink Oink
  4. Feared
  5. B-52

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