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Burial Ground - Born Into Extinction (Sampler) (9/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Groove Metal
Label: Rock Works Productions
Playing time: 9:58
Band homepage: -


  1. Trophy 
  2. Born Into Extinction
  3. D.W.F.M.
Burial Ground - Born Into Extinction (Sampler)
I hate finding a band I really like and then discovering only moments later that they're no longer releasing albums. It really stinks that BURIAL GROUND have disbanded. Hopefully they'll decide to pick up once more and go for another run sometime in the near future.

This self-titled CD consists of three tracks off of BURIAL GROUND's New Year 2003 release "Born Into Extinction". If that album is as good as the teasers on this EP, I'm going to the nearest Tower Records to buy myself a copy. There were three other CDs released prior to "Born Into Extinction", but sadly they're no longer available.

Over the top drumming techniques, up front bass lines, crunching, yet oh so smooth guitars (how the hell is that possible?) and one ferocious vocalist with more than enough anger to go around. Put all of that together and you're faced with the fierce Metal concoction once known as BURIAL GROUND.

Will the foursome come together once more and give their listeners a follow up to their latest album? All we can do is kick back and wait. Just keep your fingers crossed. (Online February 5, 2004)

Jennifer Richards

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