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More about Human Taxidermy

Country of origin: USA
Founded: 2000
Status: Active
Official homepage: Human Taxidermy

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Band History - Human Taxidermy (Online Feb. 2004)

Humany Taxidermy

HUMAN TAXIDERMY is the brainchild of Anthony Roark. He writes, produces and plays all of the music on the recordings as well as sings (growls). HUMAN TAXIDERMY has a Death/Grind style and is heavily influenced by bands like SKINLESS, DYING FETUS, NAPALM DEATH, etc., because of the grooves they mix in with the blasting. Extreme Metal is the cutting edge and the goal is to bring this form of Metal to the masses to show them there is nothing more insane, exciting or intense.

Current Line-Up:
Anthony Roark - Guitars, Vocals, Bass & Drums

Previous members:


Human Taxidermy

Anthony Roark - Guitars, Vocals, Bass & Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review
2003 "Human Taxidermy" - Independent

Total playing time: 35:07
  1. Accelerated Negative Motion
  2. From Malfunction Into Man
  3. Parasitic Twin
  4. Skin Thief
  5. The Subtraction Theory
  6. Repulsed By Imperfection
  7. Paradox Of The Oxygen Famine
  8. Liquid Existence
  9. Suicide Agenda
  10. To Find Meaning In Nothing

Three Way Split

Anthony Roark - Guitars, Vocals, Bass & Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Three Way Split" - Independent

Total playing time: 17:16
    Human Taxidermy
  1. Forsaken And Reflected
  2. Repulsed By Imperfection
    Chronic Audio Assault
  3. Hydrogen 21-CM Emission From A Galaxy At Cosmological Distance
  4. Spanish Fly
    The Anti-Human
  5. Shrine Of The Leviathan
  6. Falling Away From Time

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