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BK-49 - Join The Dead (7/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Grind It! Records
Playing time: 45:25
Band homepage: -


  1. I'll Dig Your Grave
  2. Fleshripping Horror
  3. Death Is The Crown Of Creation
  4. Assembly Of Souls
  5. House On Massgrave Hill
  6. Join The Dead
  7. Funeral March
  8. Morbid Funeral
  9. Buried But Not Deep Enough
BK-49 - Join The Dead
At last a Death band that don't want to be NAPALM DEATH. I get so sick of boring Grind bands, and this being on the very grindy GWN Records, I was prepared for the worst. But BK-49 (what is up with that name? No one knows.) are actually pretty good.

There's nothing revolutionary here, just good old straight-ahead Death Metal with some Thrash injected into it for extra energy. The cool thing about this band is that they can actually write riffs, and don't substitute speed and brutality for songwriting. While the songs here aren't exactly memorable, they are fun. BK-49 have a certain energy and exuberance that reminds me of PAGANIZER or FLESHCRAWL (though BK-49 are much more about the old Florida sound than the Swedish). The lyrics are pretty uniformly about zombies and dead people, and are pretty stupid, but what do you want?

I don't know what the hell their name is supposed to mean, but BK-49 manage to kick out some enjoyable Death Metal in the DEICIDE/MORBID ANGEL vein. Fans of the genre could do far worse than to check this band out. And as this is a debut, we can hope for good things in the future. A promising band. (Online October 13, 2003)

Paul Batteiger

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