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Domine - Emperor Of The Black Runes (9/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Dragonheart Records
Playing time: 59:38
Band homepage: Domine


  1. Overture Mortale
  2. Battle Gods (Of The Universe)
  3. Arioch, The Chaos Star
  4. The Aquilonia Suite (Part one)
  5. The Prince In The Scarlet Robe
  6. Icarus Ascending
  7. The Song Of The Swords
  8. The Sun Of The New Season (A Homecoming Song)
  9. True Believer
  10. The Forest Of Light
Domine - Emperor Of The Black Runes
DOMINE are one of the few Italian bands, making Power/Epic Metal with credibility. Although they have partly speed songs, work with symphonic elements and are partly a bit happier, they can easily stand out of the typical Happy Metal bands from their country. On the one hand it's their passion, breaking through in every note and on the other hand it's the ideas and of course the musicians.

First of all is singer Moby, who already sang at the Italian legend SABOTAGE in the 80s. His singing is the main item of every DOMINE record. To enlarge their passion for R.E. Howard's "Conan The Barbarian" and especially Michael Moorcock's "Elric von Melnibone", exactly those albino emperor adorns the coverartwork again. This guys was never more glowering. Unfortunately I haven't got the lyrics, so I can't say too much about the lyric's content... but I presume another concept story. But musicwise, this is the best record of the band after date. There's a great production to find and Moby is vocally in top form. There are jaunty bangers as well as epic midtempo stompers, then it's again bombastic and not rarely classic-inspired (listen to the divine "Icarus Ascending" or the mighty atmospheric "The Sun Of The New Season") and at last they had the courage for a pretty respectable ballad ("The Forest Of Light").

But the most outstanding songs are the mini dramas "The Aquilonia Suite" (divided into six chapters) and "The Sun Of The New Season" (fifth chapter), two long tracks with much to offer. Especially the introduce of an female Irish guest vocalist, I found pretty cool. This is truly griping and ingenious! (Online February 6, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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