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Silencer - Found On The Sun (8/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Thrash Metal
Label: Steelheart
Playing time: 46:21
Band homepage: Silencer


  1. Apollocide
  2. Black Hole Engine (Markarian 573)
  3. The Bruising Feast
  4. Structures
  5. This Mythic Image
  6. Megalith
  7. Easter Island (Live)
  8. The Error Of Your Ways (Live)
  9. Descending The Ziggurat (Live)
  10. Kozmos
  11. Missing Hope
  12. Industrial Command
Silencer - Found On The Sun
After two mini CDs Colorado based quintet SILENCER finally has scored the more than deserved record deal, with Italian Steelheart Records. "Kozmos" and "Structures" both had been rather short, but gripping Power/Thrash grenades, which definitely did not have to hide behind more established acts and completely unknown the musicians are not, at least their former lead guitarist Ritchie Wilkinson already had been with ANGEL DUST and DEMONS & WIZARDS (as a sticker on the cover very modestly shows).

With "Found On The Sun" we now get the debut and the material is not all that new. We get a brand new song in "Apollocide", then the complete "Structures" EP, followed by the SILENCER part of the "Black Flames And Burning Worlds" split with SERBERUS, plus three out of the five songs off their first MCD "Kozmos", so you can very well talk about a good cut through their creations so far. "Apollocide" breaks loose right away with a fast Thrash rhythm and heavy riffing, to unleash a lot of power, with the aggressive/rough vocals of Keoth Spargo and a very tight and energetic drum performance by Nick Seelinger, whose double bass can keep you a foot off the ground, nailed to the wall.

The opener of the "Structures" EP, "Black Hole Engine (Markarian 573)", hardly is any second to this, with a more than remarkable power SILENCER master the split between crunchy Power Metal and melodic Thrash Metal, who likes his Metal kicking some major butt, will embrace SILENCER! As mentioned in my review for that release, SILENCER also bring acoustic breaks into their songs here and there, showing true maturity and class in their song writing. After that we get three live tracks, recorded in the House Of Rock in Northglenn, at first the intro "Easter Island", followed by the powerful "The Error Of Your Ways", which shows, that the Americans also manage to present their powerful sound live and the quality of the recordings also is really good.

The whole thing then is closed off by three songs off their 2000 "Kozmos" EP, the oldest material on "Found On The Sun" (the guys seem to have a faible for the solar system), but already very crunchy, riff laden Power/Thrash, which still never forgets the melody and in my opinion finds its highlight (of the "Kozmos" material, I mean) in the closing "Industrial Command", with a great mix from Thrash riffing and Power Metal structure and melodies.

With SILENCER one of the best bands of the American underground finally has signed its deserved record deal and the material on "Found On The Sun" heralds big deeds by the guys still, because any fan of heavy Power Metal and melodic Thrash Metal should love these songs! (Online February 6, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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