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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - HOMO IRATUS - Human Consumes Human

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Homo Iratus - Human Consumes Human (6,5/10) - Greece - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Arctic Music Group
Playing time: 39:56
Band homepage: Homo Iratus


  1. Life-like Violence
  2. Dead Upon Conception
  3. Project: New World
  4. Absence Of Progress
  5. Homo Sapiens?
  6. Crawling Principles
  7. Hideousness Show
  8. False Criteria
  9. Sonus In Terrorem
  10. Human Parts Inc.
  11. King Of Logic
  12. Slavery/Freedom
  13. Tomahawk Cruise Messiah
  14. S.H.I.T.
Homo Iratus - Human Consumes Human
HOMO IRATUS is a quite interesting Greek band formed by four Metal-fellows coming from Thessaloniki, and "Human Consumes Human" is their debut.

The main influence of the band's own sound seems to be based on pure and simple Deathcore, the way D.R.I. introduced that sub-genre to the Metal-world. But don't get me wrong, 'cos listening carefully to the album you can notice there's more than that. In fact, what HOMO IRATUS plays also incorporates some elements we can ascribe to a sort of 'modern' Death Metal (a lot of samples, above all), coupled with several hints to the typical Sludge Metal-sound (who said SIX FEET UNDER?). Actually, the vocals are almost cloned from the Chris Barnes lowest growling, causing the lyrics to be completely unintelligible, but adding beef on the brutal side of the whole sound.

The tracks included on "Human Consumes Human" are mostly quite short midtempos crushing all they bump into on their path, but the guys can push on the speed side when it's required, vandalizing our ears with a few of accelerations which sometimes even border into Grindcore. By the way, the supremacy of the leader bands of that musical style (namely CARCASS and NAPALM DEATH) is far from be reached, and frankly on that front we've even heard better things in recent times from some newcomer bands (DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN). An aspect which sets the combo apart from older Deathcore-bands lies into the structures of the tracks, that are never minimal nor simple to the bone, but bare several technical and complex moments, especially for the guitar-work. Moreover, the colliding effect of the musical offering has been a little smothered here and there in order to prefer a groovy approach which tends to increase the longevity of the album. In my opinion, this is the demonstration that the overall feeling of sloppiness this record can bear at first listen is just an act, 'cos digging a tad more judiciously into the tracks I often found out remarkable moments.

Nevertheless, HOMO IRATUS doesn't seem comparable yet with the finest acts of nowadays Grind-scene, and for me this is chiefly due to the fact this record lacks that substantial amount of originality expressively required to develop a proper sound. But since this is their debut, it's also true they can easily overcome their boundaries, and considering the potential of these guys I'm rather optimist.

Bottom line: if you should like to taste a somewhat developed mix of the aforementioned bands and styles, HOMO IRATUS truly deserves your attention.

Luca Moscatiello

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