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Dies Irae - Naive (4/10) - Mexico - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Oz Productions
Playing time: 62:52
Band homepage: -


  1. Sculpted In Stone
  2. Ice In Dawn
  3. Blurred
  4. Parallel Universe (Part I)
  5. Shattered Mockery
  6. Slow, Slow
  7. In Porous Verve
  8. Shades
  9. Parallel Universe (Part II)
Dies Irae - Naive
This DIES IRAE is not to be confused with the project with VADER-members, it's rather a Melodic Death Metal-unit hailing from Mexico. This album has gotten very positive reviews in the Metal-publications "UNRESTRAINED!" and "Terrorizer", to my complete bewilderment, I am convinced that they did not actually listen to this album. "Terrorizer" even said "for fans of DEATH or CYNIC", *GAAAAAAAASSSSSSSPPPP*, someone needs to lay off the pipe! This is as boringly contrived as it gets, the influences are as obvious as a nun at a DEICIDE-gig: IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUI-...must I continue? It really is due to albums like this that my interest in Melodic Death Metal is diminishing by the minute.

This is not to say that the band does not have talent, they definitely do, especially the bassist, especially in his infinite moments of "look at me play like Steve DiGorgio, all my friends like me, won't you be my neighbour?!". The leads are also good, and the drumming is sometimes kind of jazzy, which I do like (especially on the last track). The Studio Fredman-production (as every Melo-Death-band MUST have) is, well, you know...perfect! So any of you all-out Melodic DM-freaks should pick this up, I will say that it has that certain "appeal" which you IN FLAMES-lovers will latch onto right away. For this reviewer, though, this is lame, dull, monotonous, lacklustre, fit for the "never to be heard again" pile of CDs I keep in my closet...

If I were to mention a song or two as an example of my discontent here, it would not make any difference, every song sounds the same to me after the first two. All the riffs, harmonies and chord progressions follow the same format, repeating over and over, but never going anywhere, sounding like a banal carbon-copy of the quintessential Melo-Death-gods that each bandwagon-jumper strives to emulate. The REAL clincher, though, is when the vocalist attempts to "sing" on the disastrous "Slow, Slow", it is so inconceivably awful, I could never encompass it in words, perhaps one of the most annoying vocal moments I have experienced since the last TOURNIQUET-album. One listen was more than I could handle, please kill me now...please?

In short: this album, to me, is as relevant as a Bob Saget-joke...

(except for his "I used to suck dick for coke" line in "Half-Baked"!)

Gabriel Gose

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