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Cock And Ball Torture/Disgorge - Gore Massacre Perversity/Barefoot & Hungry (Split) (9/10 / 4/10) - Germany/Mexico - 2001

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Lofty Storm Records
Playing time: n/a
Band homepage: Cock And Ball Torture
Band homepage: Disgorge


  1. Gore Massacre Perversity
  2. Grotesque Devourment
  3. Inhuman

    Cock And Ball Torture
  4. Titty Torture Bondage Boys
  5. Poontang Clan
  6. Tampon Terrorizer
  7. Lesbian Latex Region
Cock And Ball Torture - Gore Massacre Perversity/Barefoot & Hungry (Split)

Let me tell you something about these fucking guys!! DISGORGE and COCK AND BALL TORTURE have really gone towards being the sickest bands out there!!! First are the three songs from DISGORGE, the title track, "Grotesque Devourment" and "Inhuman" (covertrack of GRAVE). From the beginning to the end the growls soar away with the low tuned guitar riffing on the songs. DISGORGE have made their sound really unique and the production was pretty good. Unlike some of the other Death/Grind-bands out there today, they were able to make their music go even sicker because of the good production on the CD. Between the growls of the singer and the razor sharp guitar attack, DISGORGE have turned into a sick, but tight piece of brutality.

COCK AND BALL TORTURE on the other hand have a little work to do. I'm not taking anything away from them as far as being a sick fucking band, but the production on this 4-song-effort leaves a lot to be desired. I had a hard time distinguishing the different guitar riffs and the vocals were not easily heard. I think if they worked on their music more than just being sick they would make a great brutal act!! Anyway, it wasn't a total disappointment, they have what it takes, but the production needs a lot of work to keep them from sounding like pure noise instead of brutal Death Metal!!

Alex Rivera

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