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Vader - Sothis (6/10) - Poland - 1994

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 23:48
Band homepage: Vader


  1. Hymn To The Ancient Ones
  2. Sothis
  3. De Profundis
  4. Vision And The Voice
  5. The Wrath
  6. R'Lyeh
  7. Black Sabbath
Vader - Sothis
I hate to say this, but I must recommend that you do not buy this album. Don't let the track list fool you as this CD is not comprised of 7 songs; what we are really treated to here is a short set of 4 songs and 3 intros. This is a bit disappointing for an album running just under 24 min; might I add that even if this was marketed as an EP, which I don't think it was, I still paid the price of an LP for it. Yeah, I know VADER rarely crosses the 35 min mark on their albums, but they usually deliver more than 12 min of good music…

So track # 1, 3 and 6 act as intros. They all are a bit too long for my taste, but I have to admit that they quite effectively set the mood for things to come. Track #2, "Sothis", is classic VADER and a fan's fav. Tracks 4 ("Vision And The Voice") and 5 ("The Wrath") are equally good as the band members rip the whole place apart in true VADER-esque fashion (I find the guitar sound to be a bit thin but man, is this drummer really human?).

Now to the last song: Ozzy must be rolling over in his grave over this one… but wait, The Oz is not dead yet! Well, if he can go through VADER's cover of "Black Sabbath" without succumbing to a heart attack, then nothing can kill him! What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all? The music is good. Good, not great; they mostly stick to the original. No, the music is not the problem here. It's THE VOCALS. They are ATROCIOUS! After just one listen, I had to get my "Black Sabbath" album out and spin the original 15 times just to get my sanity back (I had to stop, though, 'cause my wife was about to loose hers)!

So what we get is an average album from an otherwise great band. The fact that most of these songs can be found on other albums (except maybe "The Wrath", I'm not sure) should be reason enough not to buy this. Overall, "Sothis" loses 1 point for it's overabundance of fillers (the intros make for about 6 min of this album) and 3 points (yes, 3 fucking points) for their horrendous rendition of one of SABBATH's greatest songs. (Online October 29, 2002)

Guest-reviewer Jean-Yves Fournier

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