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Violation - Moonlight's Child (8,5/10) - Germany - 200

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Red Stream
Playing time: 39:44
Band homepage: Violation


  1. A Shattered Blind
  2. Downfall
  3. Trapped In Chaos
  4. Path Of Sorrow
  5. Nightshades
  6. Blood Flows Through The Haze Of Time
  7. Mortal Divinity
  8. The Angelmaker
  9. New God Evolution
Violation - Moonlight's Child
Ahh good ol' Swedish Death Metal...from Germany (well it WAS recorded at Abyss Studios at any rate). A 6-piece group pumping out some seriously thrashy melodies, not unlike THE FORSAKEN, IN FLAMES or the almighty AT THE GATES.

This is the 2nd release for these Germans, and the production is impressive. The vocals are neither heavy guttural, or a shriek, but a pleasant middle ground. Leads are powerful, and catchy as hell. Drumming pounds nicely along with the leads. Most songs cruise at blazing rates ("Nightshades", "New God Evolution"). Definitely some incredible shredding here.

But no, they are not just playing Thrash. "Path Of Sorrow" is a slow, acoustic passage that slides very nicely amidst the carnage. Indeed, VIOLATION came to play. But they're not doing anything revolutionary. We all know this scene by now, I'm sure. But good is good, and VIOLATION are certainly a promising act.

Only a few complaints/criticisms. "New God Evolution" concludes with a corny laugh by some demon I'm sure. Ya know, I think they ripped that sound off "Diablo" (the computer game). The songs can run together. But hey, if you like your Death Metal intense and with a coherent melody, check this out. 

Guest Reviewer Anish Chari

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