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Sceptic - Blind Existence (7/10) - Poland - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Mystic Productions
Playing time: 46:56
Band homepage: -


  1. Die From Within
  2. Interior Of Life
  3. Blind Existence
  4. Outworld (Instrumental)
  5. Sceptic
  6. Senseless
  7. Painful Silence
  8. Sadistic Aggression
  9. Beyond Reality
  10. Imprisoned
Sceptic - Blind Existence
Looking at the name of the band, I had already had my "hunches" as to which band they might sound like, that being CYNIC. I was definitely correct on that one, as SCEPTIC churn out some nice technical Death Metal in the vein of demo-era CYNIC, better than any band you're likely to come across. I'm very impressed, especially considering that the band-members look very young. The musicianship here is of the highest order, with dizzying, note-y riffs and an overall rhythmic finesse that reminds of DEATH's immortal "Human"-album (RIP Chuck!). This band being from Poland only solidifies my opinion that Poland is a rising star in the Death Metal-movement of the new millennium...

All the essential elements are in place, and overall I find this to be a very enjoyable listening experience all the way through. "Die From Within" showcases some nice Technical Thrash Metal and ATHEIST-inspired vocals, the title track displays some absolutely brilliant drumming and time-changes, instrumental "Outworld" has some eloquent bass guitar-soloing which reeks of The Man, DiGiorgio. This bassist has studied the master quite well. I also detect some heavy nods to NOCTURNUS in the guitar solos as well, with heavily arpeggiated lead lines that would make Mike Davis quite proud. I love it!

There, of course, is the fact that this band is a bit too derivative of said bands, but Metal performed this well with THOSE influences deserves hails. They also inject an adequate helping of melody when need be, which contrasts nicely with the technicality...many bands in this style fail to realize that an acoustic interlude can actually make a song HEAVIER in many ways, due to a little thing we call "dynamics". YES! It is possible in Death Metal!!!

Not your most groundbreaking stuff, but so well-performed that it is more than worthy of my fullest "HAILS"! I'm very interested to see where this band goes in the coming years, they've certainly built a solid foundation with "Blind Existence". I recommend this to any and all fans of aforementioned bands...

Gabriel Gose

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