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Monstrosity - Rise To Power (9/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 47:59
Band homepage: -


  1. The Exordium >mp3
  2. Awaiting Armageddon
  3. Wave Of Annihilation
  4. The Fall Of Eden
  5. Chemical Reaction
  6. A Casket For The Soul
  7. Rise To Power
  8. Visions Of Violence
  9. From Wrath To Ruin
  10. Abysmal Gods
  11. Shadow Of Obliteration
Monstrosity - Rise To Power
MONSTROSITY had been already founded in 1990 and they belonged to the trendsetters in Death Metal. Their first album "Imperial Doom" is today regarded as a classic in Death Metal. It was such successful that they sold 40.000 copies. They lost their deal with Nuclear Blast due to financial problems and so their second work "Millenium" was released via Conquest Music. However, this altogether more technical record was released again via Blast in Germany because they had the German distribution. After some intense touring, they produced the "Dark Purity" album, which could even increase the sales. Then followed the double-CD "Enslaving The Masses". Disc 1 contains newly mixed versions of songs, already had been on their debut "Imperial Doom", the demo "Horror Infinity" or "Slaves And Masters". One thing is sure, MONSTROSITY manage it to release one killer album after another and now I have the fifth release "A Rise To Power" in my hands, which marks the highlight of all creations of this band from Florida.

It's doubtless an almost perfect Death Metal record. Everything is well-done, commenced with the enormously dynamic killer production, which shows off all subtleties. Then comes the super tight musicianship of the members, which sounds nearly perfect. It proves that it's no way that Death Metal is shredding for idiots from idiots... these are really first-class musicians, which could also easily play any other music style. But why should they? They are die-hard Death Metal lunatics and this is what they do best. Although that the style of MONSTROSITY is pretty technical and they use a lot of breaks, I feel never overcharged or overrun. The songs are pretty catchy and they could be seen as a straighter type of MORBID ANGEL. This is how I would have wished their new record...

MONSTROSITY have realized that less is sometimes more and they easily surpass the former Death Metal Gods with this new record. It's not useful to comment on single songs. You got to discover this album for yourself. What I can say is, that it is fast, heavy and the vocalist grunts!!! (Online February 7, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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