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Apostasy - Cell 666 (8/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 41:33
Band homepage: Apostasy


  1. Crowned In Terror
  2. Infernal Majesty
  3. Cell 666
  4. Icon >mp3
  5. 7th Throne
  6. Beneath The Lies Of Prophecy
  7. Reign Of Chaos
  8. Beauty Of Death
  9. Metempsychosis
Apostasy - Cell 666
It was a long time since I've seen the number 666 in a Metal release, I think it go so used that nobody wanted to put that number anymore, is like the word Satan in the 80's, it was used to death by bands like DEICIDE and VENOM, maybe we're experiencing a kind of "revival" of old Metal cliché words in 2004? Only time will tell…

Anyway, after my pretty useless introduction, I'll introduce to all of you "Cell 666" by newcomers APOSTASY, they're playing fast, they playing rough and they're playing Black Metal. But worry not, this is not your average "troo" Black Metal album (you should know that by seeing the colorful artwork) this is not your "in-the-forest-of-winter" Black Metal, they play a very melodic Black Metal that relies a lot in the use of keyboards.

So, as I was saying, the keyboard here plays a mayor role in the music, every song is filled with catchy keyboard lines backed up by convincing guitars marking some melodic riffs, the voice is raspy and shrieky, just like it has to be.

The album Begins with "Crowned In Terror" a song that fails to convince me, at first I thought that the all album would sound like CHILDREN OF BODOM or something like that, boy I was wrong, next song "Infernal Majesty" starts with this eerie piano and then turns into this monstrous song, full of anger and hate, truly magnificent.

The title song "Cell 666" has good tempo changes and the keyboards are just great, the effect of those bells in the background give the song an extra something, "Icon" is another song that begins with a piano line, - this time more playful - but still, becomes this incredible up-tempo song, can't help headbanging with this one!

"Beneath The Lies Of Prophecy" is another great song that relies entirely on the excellent keyboard work found on this record.

I'll just say that if you want a very original CD get this one, if you want melodic keyboard-driven Black Metal in your stereo, get this one, if you want to see what's inside Cell 666… you know the answer, get this one. (Online February 7, 2004)

Enrique Congrains

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